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    Warm downstairs cold upstairs, anyone any ideas?

    Sorry forgot to mention the flue design has nothing to do with it. Open flue or room sealed. Purely wether the boiler can be installed on a sealed system is down to the heat exchanger and boiler components. BBU's and BBF's can still be fitted into any property in the UK, providing that the...
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    Warm downstairs cold upstairs, anyone any ideas?

    Hi just to let you know that unfortunately there are some installers who will convert old gravity boilers onto sealed systems. I have come across it too often, wether the system has just been changed or if other engineers fail to notice during annual servicing. Like what others have said some...
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    Hot taps in bath, basin and kitchen sink stopped working

    Sounds like you have an air lock in the hot water outlets. you need to find a way to push the cold supply up the hot water pipes. best way is to use a kitchen mixer tap. what you need to do is open the hot water side and place your hand over the opening, then slowly open the cold mains side...
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    anti freeze for central heating systems

    best bet is to drain down for long periods of absence. or have a frost stat WITH a pipe stat fitted, or easiest of all leave the programmer set to 24rs on heating and set room stat to 10 - 15 this will fire the heating when it gets cold preventing the pipes from freezing. Long term fix is to get...
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    Gas pressure?

    Yout best bet is to contact TRANSCO, they are the only ones allowed to change the govenor. The filter on the gas valve wont be blocked or it will happen all the time not at certain times. can you run the boiler and fire the gas hobs?? if not then sounds like the govenor sticking.
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    Hours to warm living room up! Arrggg!

    The rads may have been sized for the room but was the heat loss for the room also included in the calculation??? and has the boiler also been sized for the heating systenm correctly?? another double panel rad should help, providing the boiler is big enough for the additon of rads
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    not very hot water...please please help

    again all combination boilers have a set temperatur rise that is related to the temperature of the cold mains and the flow rate. check that the hot water stat is turned up for winter. if the boiler cycles on and off with the hot tap running then could be the heat exchangers suffering from scale.
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    vaillant ecoTEC plus 428 s.53 code

    System should be powerflushed out when installing the new boilers as your probablly going from a cast iron to a stainless stell with narrow water ways. ensure that the cold feed is clear from the f&e and that the circulation is ok. ( would recommend a magnaclean filter on the return pipe to...
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    Potterton Puma 100(E) Burning smell is back!!

    If you have been working on the boiler yourself are you sure that the combustion chamber is screwed on and air tight, the spire clips are very prone to snapping. byruning smell could be products of combustion, the rattling can be linked to the spire clips. the main neutral connection on the pcb...
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    vibration noise transmitting through heating pipes

    pipe clips are best ,but once pipes in then will be hard. best bet is to get some pipe insulation around all pipes. also pump brackets will be easy to install to clamp the pipes.
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    Boiler problem?

    Sounds as though it hasnt been wired correctly. A room stat should be able to turn on a boiler if the programmer is set to off.
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    Noisy Potterton boiler with suspected ventalation issue

    Ok the problem needs to be indentified as wether it is ignition or temperature related. Fire the boiler and using multimeters ensure that the air pressure swith is switching over. Usually 3 wires one is common always voltage, then it will either power the off side or the on side. (usually open...
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    Glow Worm - no-one can fix...

    Again sounds like the gas valve solenoid , but also ensure that the earth path is good. the boiler uses flame rectification.
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    CH to loft conversion

    You will only be able to convert the system to a sealed one if the boiler manufactures permit the boiler to be on a sealed system. A sealed system also has to have 5 main components !) boiler overheat cutoff device 2) pressure relief valve 3) expansion vessel correctly sized to the system...
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    Cold downstairs radiators, luke warm upstairs. Any ideas??

    Ok you have a blockage not an air lock. The cold feed is blocked. Drain the system, bung the cold feed at the tank end. Where the cold feed joins the system, cut it about 70mm up (then you can put a compression fitting back on) rod it through with a long thin screwdriver. once done refill the...
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    Warm downstairs cold upstairs, anyone any ideas?

    Sorry forgot to mention a central heating system DOES NOT REQUIRE A POWERFLUSH EVERY 5 YEARS!!!! Sounds like someone is trying to retain customers. If in hard water arrears (all water will benefit) add inhibitor every 3 years. The system will need to be completely drained. Also best way to...
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    Warm downstairs cold upstairs, anyone any ideas?

    Ok for one DO NOT CONVERT THE SYSTEM TO A SEALED SYTEM (WITH EXPANSION VESSEL) BEFORE CHECKING THAT THE BOILER IS SUITABLE TO BE INSTALLED ON A SEALED SYATEM. Not all boilers are designed to withstand upto 3 bar pressure. If your boiler is not suitable then the main heat exchanger may crack...