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    main earthing

    I think you are all missing the point. This house was wired when it was common practise to use the incoming water pipe as the main earthing point for the building. Due to the use of plastic pipes/ water meters this practise is now not allowed and a suitable alternative earthing point must be...
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    main earthing

    Yes it is a TN-S system. Yes the main earthing conductor from th CU is connected to the incoming water pipe.
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    main earthing

    Hi Due to bereavement I am preparing my sisters house foe sale. The main earthing is connected to the incoming water supply pipe. A water meter was fitted some time ago and I have noticed that the earth bonding remains unchanged. This is probably due to the incoming supply cable being run...
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    boiler output connections

    Hi I have had a Potterton Kingfisher MK2 RS60 boiler installed for the last 13 years. It supplies pumped CH and gravity DHW. It has never gone wrong and is still working faultlessly. However, I was recently cleaning inside the casing and looking at the flow & return pipes noticed that they...
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    please help me CORGI

    Where is the law that states that it is illegal for non RGI fitters to do gas work, including installing a boiler. It appears that only CORGI fitters seem to believe this. It is true that only competent people can do such work, but what makes you think that having a piece of paper from CORGI...
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    removing rendering

    I had the rear face of my property re-pebbledashed about 20 years ago. It has always sounded hollow when tapped and the float coat appeared to be live. Recently, when fitting new windows, a large area of the top coat was disturbed and just fell from the wall. The exposed scratch coat was very...