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    RM stainless steel vented cylinder

    Hi got a RM stainless steel vented direct cylinder 450x815 about a year old. Want to fit a 1.5bar shower pump to boost the hot as fairly poor. As it’s SS the connections are welded 22mm so unable to get a Surrey flange for pump. I noticed there is a capped outlet on side near the top of...
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    Help with garden!

    Hi, just had a new extension done onto the rear of garden. Money is tight now so going to have a crack at the garden myself. It it's all out of level and bumpy everywhere as you can see from photos. As you walk out of French doors planning on having a sleepers stepping up onto the grass...
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    single storey extension Project managing myself?

    Definitely wouldn't be able to do the brick work obviously but fairly confident could dig out foundations and arrange to have them filled and get the building control to check over. Just wanted to get an idea how much would I really save on doing these bits myself. Best mate is a spark. I'll...
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    single storey extension Project managing myself?

    Not an issue swapping the rooms around as gas meter is already in living room, extraction fan is not a issue and getting plumbing and waste in not a problem.
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    single storey extension Project managing myself?

    is this doable? Got plans and approval from council to build a single storey extension on to the the kitchen out onto he garden which will be turned into a living room and the living room a kitchen. Is 3.8 meters out by 5.6 meters across with rear access, pitched roof with sky lights and...
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    Shower booster pump installation (boost all outlets)

    hi, have a indirect hot water cylinder with hot and cold both fed from a 80 gallon cold water tank. Have recently fitted a thermostatic bath shower mixer tap as didn't want to chase walls/remove tiles to fit a dedicated shower. Both has poor flow plus the flow to basin tap is generally poor...
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    Plumbing Thermostatic bar shower

    You only need to run 15mm copper in the walls to feed shower as connections will be 15mm just reduce to 15mm soon as you tee off under bath. If the shower you've brought for 1 bar + then it's going to dribble out! You'll defo need a pump Stuart turner 1.5bar twin would be fine. Or take the...
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    Best boiler for hot water flow rate with 20 l/m cold water s

    With combi boilers it comes down to incoming flow rate, you can get the highest rated boiler but won't make a difference on the hot if you have poor flow rate. Has the incoming main been replaced with mdpe 25mm or above? I've fitted a wb 32cdi compact in my house with 20lpm on cold and...
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    Plasterboards in bathrooms?

    Hi, Currently about to gut my bathroom out and fit new suite in. Plan is to only tile around L shaped bath and basin and leaving the other halve just painted plaster. I've got a fair bit of boxing in around to do on the areas I want painted. Boxed in soil pipe and back of toilet etc was...