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    Work not certified

    A couple of years back I had a new kitchen which involved a number of electrical jobs including a new consumer unit. The work was done by a local trader I knew at the time as a friend and nothing has been certified. The trader is no longer around and I'm sure he wouldn't of registered it...
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    finding a tradesman

    I am looking at replacing my gas fire and 'she who must be obeyed' has found the one but it is from a supply only distributor, so I need to find a Corgi registered fitter. How is the best way to find a local good fitter that is going to try & empty my wallet?
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    Kitchen worktop joints

    I need to sort the sealant out today. Is the coloured worktop sealant just coloured silicon or is there a special type for worktops?
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    Kitchen worktop joints

    I have just cut the joint with a router & need to know if any or what type of sealant should be applied to the ends of the worktop before they are clamped together. Can anyone please help & advise? With thanks.
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    Mounting of new Cooker control unit

    Good question i am in a similar position. I want to wall mount the cooker isolator in the back of an adjacent cupboard.
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    earth bonding

    Can I just check the correct earth bonding requirements. Am I correct in saying there should be: A single uninterupted connection between the earth sheathing on the incoming supply and the mains water inlet (600mm consumer side of stop-cock), this to be linked to the hot water pipe but not...
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    MCB &RCD's

    One last thing The cooker supply is 5900W, so the MCB would be? & as there is a 13A socket on it should that not be RCD protected? With thanks for the advise, a great help. :? :) :D :lol: :lol: :D :) :?
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    MCB &RCD's

    earth is bonded to the sheath of the incoming supply so I assume not a TT supply. Does this change things?
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    MCB &RCD's

    work is ongoing so certs are to follow. Sorry to be a pain but what do you mean by a TT supply?
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    MCB &RCD's

    Could you please advise which circuits you would normally hace RCD protection on in a CU 13A sockets Lighting Cooker (with 13A socket) Shower 9.8Kw immersion heater Also if possible what sort of MCB ratings would be on each. Just had some electrical work done including a new CU...
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    Under floor heating

    Is it possible to have underfloor heating with lino? If so what are the options.
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    Missing tag/seal on main fuse

    I just have checked & the metal wire seal that covers the main incoming fuse is broken. I can only assume this was when we had an electrician in some time back. Day to day there is obviously no problem to me with the main fuse not being sealed but what will happen if it does get noted one...
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    Running twin&earth outside?

    In my house by previous occupants they have ran part of a ring main wiring & a radial cooker supply outside along the side of the house. I now need to put in another radial supply to run down the side of the house. You often see this done but how much of a naughty trick is this? Is it a total...
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    MCB / RCD ?

    Thanks for the replies & help
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    MCB / RCD ?

    I am installing an oven & putting in a new connection back to the consumer unit. I have worked out that I need a 40A MCB but should this have RCD protection?