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    Ceiling Lights / Wires (ensuring moisture doesn't enter the loft)

    I take your point but have tried sealing larger holes and want to cover all bases.
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    Bathroom Ceiling PB Questions

    I wish it did, have redone the insulation and added roof vents. Still see condensation in the roof space above the bathroom during that -6 degree period at Christmas. It appears only low down on the plywood of the new valleys in this area. Trying to troubleshoot and eliminate all issues to...
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    Bathroom Ceiling PB Questions

    Excuse my ignorance... When we moved into our current house I noted that I could see the joists in the bathroom ceiling, the ceiling was very mouldy, no bathroom fan. I assume it's been like this for a very long time. Have since killed the mould, fitted a strong fan, painted the ceiling with...
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    Fence and trellis post repair

    Sorry posted at the same time as you JohnD
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    Fence and trellis post repair

    I haven't seen posts with holes like this in place you would have to drill out and finish with a chisel. Or you could repair with concrete repair spur and bolt to the existing posts. Yes, Wikes maybe do this but probably minimum order for bulky items. I would seek out a local specialist (ask...
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    Ceiling Lights / Wires (ensuring moisture doesn't enter the loft)

    I have made attempts to fill the holes going up into my loft to prevent moisture from flowing up into the loft space. Have sorted most of the holes and sealed loft hatch added vents etc. What's the best way to seal around the holes created by wires going down into pendant light for example...
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    Soffit vents to fit this area under valley

    Am seeing some condensation issues on the plywood of the GRP valleys in my loft. Can anyone suggest soffit vent options to beef up the soffit vents in this area? I know you can get round ones but would like to fit something with more airflow that I can fit as indicated...
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    Best way to lower pipe for boxing in

    I want to lower the uppermost pipe in the attached images so I may more easily box it in. The soil pipe is internal am assuming it's a matter of a direct connection to the soil pipe somehow although am guessing it's cramped or why else would this pipe be so high?
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    Bathroom Fan Extraction Advice

    Have just redone the insulation beefing it up to 27cm, this did help. Have also just sorted insulation under preexisting boards covering part of the loft in some places, there was no insulation at all. Here it's only 10cm as the joists are piddly and it's all I can put down without removing...
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    Bathroom Fan Extraction Advice

    Thanks, @JohnD have downlights in the downstairs kitchen but nowhere else, thinking of dropping ceiling and adding more, perhaps I should reconsider this? The fan goes on with light runs for the max setting (a couple of minutes) I leave the light on till the tiles are dry (wipe down shower area...
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    Bathroom Fan Extraction Advice

    Thanks, @flameport I have continuous soffit vents and some roof tile vents (also sealed loft and insulated as far as poss). May need more vents through. Have also already worked to plug holes in the ceiling from old boiler pipes / light fittings etc. Thanks @conny The fan is vented through a...
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    Large bathroom window upgrade options / advice

    Have a large bathroom window just above the bath / shower. As we have to upgrade I wonder what I should be looking at... Privacy - Would be nice to remove the blind but obviously we need privacy, any idea what we could do apart from wearing a swimming costume that is? Cold - It's often quite...
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    Bathroom Fan Extraction Advice

    My bathroom is 9.936 m^3. We are seeing issues in the loft with condensation, my understanding is I need better fan that extracts as follows: 99.36 m^3/hr. 28 Lt/sec However given the loft condensation issues I am seeing above the bathroom, would you recommend an uplift?
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    Satellite dish temp remove protect the coaxial cable

    I need to temporarily remove my satellite dish from the house wall, how can I easily/cheaply protect the coaxial cable from rain? My understanding is that the rain will mess up if it gets in.
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    DIY Raking M Class Extraction Question.

    Coincidentally I was looking at the JSP Force 8 mask. Understood thanks for the advice.
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    DIY Raking M Class Extraction Question.

    Do I need / should I hire an M Class dust extractor as a DIYer working on raking out a large wall? Generally I was thinking of buying a low powered vac like: Mac Allister MWDV-16 L-A Corded Wet & dry vacuum, 16.00L just to prevent neighbours getting upset. And also a FFP3 face mask for myself.
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    Racking Out / Dust Extraction Equipment

    Need to do a bit of repointing work, have completed some on my garage back wall (as a test) and while am happy with the finish ran into some issues with racking out. Tried using a mortar rake with my chepo Mac Allister 750W 240V 115mm Corded Angle grinder. Got through the loose stuff OK but I...
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    Small awkward bathroom alternatives to skimming/lining paper

    Hello, My downstairs bathroom has very rough walls. Some areas are very smooth, others very rough indeed. Obviously, I can fill / sand some areas but this will only take me so far. Am not a plasterer so that's out and the bathroom is tight and will be tough to put up lining paper, also am...
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    Underground Drainage and Pea Gravel when and when not to use?

    When I have replaced underground drainage previously have always added pea grave to the crown of the pipe. Obviously, this is expensive, is it OK to backfill with soil as long as it's not full of sharp stones. In other words, when do you use pea grave for underground drainage and when do you not?
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    ivy invasion

    Not as such but have removed ivy from my garden and 30-meter-long conifer hedge. Are you sure you have gotten all of the shoots. I cut and taped off with duck tape to stop them from growing, I would also cover the floor with black plastic (weed suppressor) as the shoots travel in amongst the...