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    sunken floor

    Should off said wasn't insured not not covered and i know thats stupid but id inherited part off the house and was waiting for the sale to be finalized when the subsidence was spotted by the surveyor :cry:
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    sunken floor

    Unfortunately it wasn't covered by the insurance at the time so i had to pay for the subsidence myself, so i only payed for the underpinning with the intension off sorting the other problems it caused along the way...................
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    sunken floor

    My house subsided about a year ago due to a leaking underground drain it has now been underpinned but just on one corner which they said should be fine (i hope it will be). The problem is the floor which is concrete has dropped by about a inch and i need to build it back up...... any idea...
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    epson printer thinks its german lol

    Its more that i don't have a pound sign or most off the special symbols that you get with shift, and the @ key is shift and the number 2 and shift and the @ key is " what the 2 should be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any ideas????????
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    waterproofing showers

    Hi im sorry to hear you've had such a headache with your shower but i must admit im concerned........ When you use wp1 you have to let it dry for 24 hours but then your surpose to tile it!!!!! Bal don't recommend leaving it for more than a few days as dust and other such stuff can build on it...
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    epson printer thinks its german lol

    Can anyone help me i bought a epson stylus dx5000 printer about a year abo then i got a bad virus on my computer and had to wipe the lot....... but for some reason since i reloaded my printer into the computer it thinks its german and i cant understand it and the key boards messed up now...
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    Silicon Sealing - How?

    What make is the silicone?????????? Were the walls completely dust and oil free before you tried to silicone???????????
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    whats best for newly plastered walls

    Hi im about to have a load more plastering done and desperately need the correct advice................. When i had plastering done before the plasterers told me to water down cheap matt emulsion before painting which i did but a year later the paint is just coming off where the kids insist on...
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    Kitchen - sequence

    I agree tilings always done after the whole things fitted..... But if your not great at it why risk the end result by tiling it yourself employ a tiler or im sure you will regret it as its the finishing that counts and its not as easy as you think........ :wink:
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    Mosaic tiles, above bath, no tanking :(

    You can get waterproof showerproof adhesive and as long as thats what you've used im sure it will be fine......... Happy showering lol :lol:
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    waterproofing showers

    Well now richard you seem to know your stuff, and I do agree with you wedi or systems like that are the best solution obviously but again alot more expensive than plaster board and if your a dodgy builder cost (or should i say profit) is the most important factor. If only there were more people...
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    Where's the cheapest place for Tiles???

    Yeah sorry about that was a bit blonde off me I didn't realise the people on here were from all over the place but like you said i am new to this lol, but don't worry i will learn by this mistake. Sorry my advice was no good to you but it was meant with good intentions.......... :D
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    Mosaic tiles, above bath, no tanking :(

    Cant say much on unibond as I personally wouldn't recommend it but i don't see how the grout can be waterproof as you mentioned. If it was a powdered form and you mixed it with water than im guessing it will be the same as every other grout (except epoxy) that is mixed with water its merely...
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    How long can I leave BAL WP1 on the walls for before tiling

    according to bal technical they said its fine to leave it for a few days but ideally you want to tile asap incase anything like dust or anything builds up on it................. There numbers 01782591120 and they can help you with any other questions you may have . Good luck :D
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    alternative to plastering

    Its a old 1930s council house the walls have seen much better days as the render has popped in most places and it was including the ceilings which are falling down on me bit by bit lol Its been artexed and it has distemper under that so it has to be boarded over and the quote was given after...
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    Tiling the Garage floor? not sure if right decision

    don't touch ceramic they will be no way near strong enough. Kerastar do a range that alot off car showrooms use and there perfect for what you want, cause there non slip too (very important). otherwise like the other bloke said you need a 5 grade porcelain tile. don't touch the b&q or equivalent...
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    tiling a bathroom

    Personally i wouldn't plaster skim a wall as it decreases the weight off the tiles you can put on the wall. Plasterboard or tile backer boards are the best to use so if you can cover them thats the best solution.............................. :)
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    Removing coffee stains from Granite

    Hg do alot off products for natural products and they'll know what to use (or not). Try asking your local tile shops they'll be the best to advise you ...................................
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    waterproofing showers

    You can get a system called bal wp1 its a tanking system designed purposly for showers its simple to use it literately paints on and everything you need comes in the box...... No one should use plasterboard as a backing to tiles in a shower as it will fail as grout isnt water proof its just...
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    Where's the cheapest place for Tiles???

    You should try ctd down on the cowdray center in colchester they have some great natural looking tiles and the quality and service is far better than most local tiling shops........ The prices are good too for what your getting. good luck and happy shopping :D