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    Cold Radiator

    I have a radiator which never worked since i bought the house. I got a plumber in and they changed the thermostatic valve and it still didn't work but after a few days as if by magic it started working. I suspected an airlock maybe. Well I've had to drain the system to replace a different...
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    New toilet woes

    Cheers for the reply, but my aim is to avoid boxing the cistern. If box behind the cistern then the original soil pipe config is ok. I can use a flexible pipe to push the cistern flush to the wall, but as i said earlier the bath and basin waste pipe then has nothing to connect into. I...
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    New toilet woes

    Hi, I am fitting a new bathroom and when replacing the toilet have found that the waste fitting is in a slightly different position to the old one. I can fit the new one but the back of the cistern is about 4 inches off the wall. I can get a flexible connector which just about fits but i...