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    Excess Sky Tv & ariel cable

    Hi all! I am looking for tips, ideas or products to help me hide/cover up excess Sky TV and ariel cable. The cable in question is in the back of my garden but want to do the following job so it doesn't get damaged or people trip on it. There is too much length and not enough space to simply...
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    Fascia Boards

    Hi all! Just looking for some advice regarding Fascia Boards. I live on an end terrace house and the fascia boards are rotted and need replacing. Rather than use plastic, I want to use wood so it blends in with the rest of the houses. The house is approx 25 years old and not sure what type of...
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    Painting a straight line where two terraced houses meet

    Good morning all! Looking for some advice of how to paint a straight line on a external wall where two terraced houses meet. I have read using painters masking tape or drawing a faint line. I have done all the prep work, eg. filling cracks. Its my first time attempting to do this so any...