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    We've found someone even more sanctimonious than Matt Alwright that truly is shocking!
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    How much does a self employed RGI earn per day?

    Like most trades its going to be around the £200-300 mark for anyone thats good, experienced and hardworking... maybe more depending on their location or the size and complexity of jobs undertaken ie the ones that nobody else wants or can do.
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    Safety Check Weirdness

    Regarding the missing grommets, have these been replaced or has the boiler been capped off?
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    Hideous noise when running water..

    And if they find half a new valve attached to half of the old when investigating major damage from a leak, it's unlikely that they'd pay out anyway.
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    Hideous noise when running water..

    I would make sure that the house insurance covers diy plumbing before you attempt this job.
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    Ideal isar he30 faulty

    Did you run the Heating before trying the Hot water again?
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    Glowworm 18 HXI

    What was done to clean the heat exchanger?
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    System Boiler and hot water production

    Look at what number the cylinder stat clicks off at when the water is up to temperature, this should give you a good idea of whether the stat is faulty or not.
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    Programmer - gravity or pumped?

    Yes that's it.
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    System Boiler and hot water production

    Are you or anyone else at the property complaining of the water being excessively hot, if no then unlikely to be a faulty cylinder stat. Is the domestic water tank constantly trying to refill when no demand?
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    Programmer - gravity or pumped?

    If you set to gravity then your water will always come on with the heating. If you have two separate valves then your system is most likely fully pumped.
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    Low gas pressure at boiler 15.5mb

    ^^^That's until there's a fault that they can attribute to low working pressure, such as intermittent ignition lockout.
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    Low gas pressure at boiler 15.5mb

    Sounds like the service guy has learnt how to set these boilers to maximum rate since their last visit.
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    Replacing Worcester Greenstar junior 24i boiler?

    The Isar must have been one of the most expensive "free" boilers going.
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    Advice needed on the correct size of boiler and gas supply pipe please

    No requirement for a Smart control with optimisation function, the new part L regs/ boiler plus, only apply for the installation of combi boilers.
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    Baxi 105e 'Fault on Pump or Low Pressure' error.

    Yes, and relatively inexpensive to repair and maintain, as long as you know what your doing that is.
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    BG condemn and disconnect boiler - advice appreciated (Thorn Apollo 15/30B)

    Let's not try and kid ourselves that any of the other big players would have done any different, or say someone that needs to sell x amount of boilers to keep in bed with a certain German boiler manufacturer- a long time favourite of the blue rinse brigade.
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    Glow Worm 38cxi ignores hot water control

    You can take a horse to water...
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    Getting paid on completion

    Calm down Martin Lewis, if you don't have faith in the trader to do a good job then don't employ them in the first place.
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    Getting paid on completion

    I make it fairly clear over the phone that it's payment immediately on completion, make sure whoever is paying the bill is on site, same for landlords etc.