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    Kitchen sand cement screed floor help

    Evening everyone, As part of our home renovation we had a sand/cement mix with fibres screed floor laid over UFH back in Jan 19. We are looking at sorting the kitchen flooring soon, but I'm unsure if anything needs to be used on the screed prior to tile adhesive or can we just tile straight...
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    Render cost and advice

    Good evening all, I'm in the process of renovating our house and am getting around to looking at costing for the rendering of the external extension. I'm thinking silicon (off white) K Render, open to other products if anyone has a better recommendation? Would it be possible for a rough order...
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    Oil Boil Recommendation

    Good afternoon all, I'm in the midst of renovating a 4 bedroom, detached cottage. Our plan is to have a main bathroom (bath, shower and sink + loo), ensuite to master bedroom (same as main bathroom) and a downstairs loo (sink + loo). Underfloor heating to the kitchen and radiators...
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    Dormer Flat roof to pitched

    Good afternoon all, I'm looking for a little advice on whether planning permission would be required to convert a Dormer flat roof into a pitched roof. Our property the red brick one shown below, the current idea is to build up the gable ends of the property and extend the Dormer roof the...
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    4.5" Single Brick External Wall

    Woody apologies for the delay in posting pictures I only visit the property at weekends. As requested the pictures attached hopefully show what I was trying to explain. From the left of the window to the right of the stairs, the wall is only a single 4.5 brick thick this rises from the floor...
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    4.5" Single Brick External Wall

    Hello all, Thank you in advance for any advice provided, here goes. We have recently purchased an 1870 Herefordshire red brick cottage which was extended from 2 to 4 bedrooms in about 1977. As part of the extention they removed the pitched roof at the rear of the property and increased the...