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    hitachi nt65gs

    hi there i have just bought a hitachi nt65gs nail gun when shooting 63mm nails is wont sink them past the flush of the wood has anyone else got one or know how to fix it i have only had it a week i could send it back but it is the hassel is there a easy fix cheers wus
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    k glass

    just fitted a glass unit in a bathroom window it is k glass and there was a sticker on the glass saying this side indoors which meant the smooth clear was inside so i fitted it this way i got a phone call from the man to tell me it was wrong so i phoned a window firm and asked they told me that...
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    scratch on glass

    hi there can anyone tell me the best thing to take a scratch out of a pain of glass you can just feel it with your nail cheers wilson
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    window cleaning help

    hi there i am a joiner property maintenance i have been asked to clean some windows what do you put in the water to stop leaving streaks on the class also where is the best place to buy the tools and liquid and what would i need i have the ladder cheers wilson
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    renault megane scenic

    hi there i have a renault megane scenic 1.9dci when i am driving along the road the engine heater plug light comes on for a short time then goes of has anyone heard of this before and how do i fix it any help would be great the car is a 02 model thanks wilson
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    curtain picks

    hi all i am new here i am a joiner and want to try my hand at locksmithing can any one tell me the cheapest place to buy curtain picks for leaver locks or has anyone on here got any for sale thanks wilson