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    Preventing Leaking Underfloor Pipes

    Hi all I live on the second floor of a converted victorian house and have had two leaky pipes recently (one central heating, one water) which have both caused damage to the plasterboard ceiling of the neighbours below me. The neighbours have been great about this, but does anyone know of...
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    how to fit architrave - door frame wider than wall

    Hi Woody thanks for that ... I think I'll look at the second option as the architrave is not torus cheers Martinelli
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    how to fit architrave - door frame wider than wall

    Hi all I've recently had a number of lath-and-plaster walls removed and replaced by standard 12mm plasterboard. The trouble is that now the frames on my doors are no longer flush with the wall - there is a gap of approx 5-10mm (the door frames being wider than the wall on both sides)...
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    chipboard floating floor

    Hi all A question about chipboard floating floors. I have an upstairs Victorian converted flat with a noise problem (i.e. very little soundproofing between me and downstairs - just the floorboards + plasterboard!). To resolve the situation, I am planning to: 1. Place a layer of 18mm t&g...