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    new staircase with half landing. newel posts???

    I am installing a newstaircase into my house and i wanted to know how the newel posts are instailled into the stairs so they are at the same height when they are on the landing (180 degree turn). It has a level landing not a winder. If any one has got a picture/photo this would be greatly...
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    minimum landing size

    I am planning a u shaped set of stairs and I wondered what the minimum 1/2 landing size is alowable by the building regs.
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    soil stack vent..

    What I wabt to do is aready on the plans but I guess contacting building control wll probably be the best idea. Where can i get a tile vent from, my tiles are the traditional red clay pantile. I don't want anything which looks like a alien landing on the roof.
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    soil stack vent..

    I want to put in a new soil stack ino the corner of the house but at the top of the stack there is a dormer window within 1/2m. I wanted to fit a tile vent into the roof. do I have to install this vent at least 900mm from this window, if so can this be done via flexable piping from the soil...
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    hotpoint tdl31 dryer wiring ??

    I have been given a hotpint dryer, model tdl31. The known problem is that the drum wouldn't turn but htere was heat, the first thing they tried was to replace the belt. This did not help. The unit was then given to me. On opening the dryer i have seen 5 wires which have been pulled out from...
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    floor screeds

    I have a couple of questions, Where can I get hold of the reinforcing fibres for the floor screed, I have found one place they charge £3 for a 100g bag(i think i would need about 40). This sounds quite expensive to me. What depth below the door step(for the level door regulations) can I...