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    What Car, Hmm???

    BMW 318Ti Compact Nice, fun , rear wheel drive :twisted:
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    just wondering about hard drives

    Talking about another point....why use a big drive. In my place I have allocated a cupboard purely allocated to AV equipment. This means that in each room there are no boxes only a TV (makes it tider) and all the cables are channeled into the walls. This also gives the advantage of being able...
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    what car?

    You could do a lot worse than a Ford Focus or a Ford Mondeo. Both cracking cars and good value for money.
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    Mk 2 Golf

    Personally if its in good nick then go for it. At that age and price of car buy on condition then mileage. I have a BMW 318is with 170k on the clock and it is a pure track car so you can imagine how it gets abused. But still starts first time every time. You are more likely to have...
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    cable/satalite in every room

    Possible a bit late in replying but here goes. I am doing a similar thing at the moment. I have a cupboard where all my AV quipment will be hidden and everything distributed around the house. Now I have run at least 4 runs of Cat5e to each room and in some rooms 8. It is so cheap you may...
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    Motorising a wardrobe door

    will keep you all posted about what happens. Won't be looking at it seriously again now for about 8-9 months probably but still thinking!! Have seen some little motors capable of moving 25kg so could eb a possibility
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    Junction Box under floorboards

    Hi, Arguing with a mate at work (neither of us are electricians). I think it is against the new regs to have ANY junction boxes (regardless of circuit) under floorboards as they are inaccessibile. Ref to reg: 526-04-01 Can someone just confirm I am correct or not. Thanks
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    Motorising a wardrobe door

    Cheers for the replies guys. I can see it beign too much hassle as well but will keep looking at it. Maybe if Iwatch some more scrapheap challenge inspiring will come :D
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    Motorising a wardrobe door

    Thanks for the reply Never thought about that :oops: yes I had thought about this and I think it is just a compromise I would have to live with. I would assume this is the same of any situation where you have 3 sliding doors. Hence the majority seem to be hinged (well the majority of...
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    Motorising a wardrobe door

    Hi, Currently renovating my house and looking for ideas before I start doing something and have to reverse it. I am wiring the house for multi room audio and video at the moment and this is my latest idea. In the bedroom along the wall will be built in wardrobes consisting of 3 sliding...
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    Cat 5?

    Hope this reply isn't too late. I am doing something similar to a house I have just bought at the moment. I am running AT LEAST 4 runs of Cat 5e to each room (8 to key locations). You would be amazed at how versatile this cable is. It can be used for almost any purpose. By using Baluns you...
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    Renault Megane Scenic air con problems

    Are you asying the air-con is not working at all regardless of fan speed? If that is the case it could be a number of problems. Simplest is that you need a re-gas. do you know when this was last done? Should be about £50. you can test the system for leaks by adding a dye to the gas...
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    removing and reinstalling pattress box...

    The good thing about Cat5e cable is that you can basically run anything across it you want not just network points (although that is it primary use). I would suggest running more cables than yuo think you need now rather than doing it in the future. Cat5e will be able to support HD TV etc...
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    removing and reinstalling pattress box...

    ah right sorry I misunderstood. When you said digital satellite I assumed but I shouldn't have done. One thing to consider then is to run lengths of Cat5 cable as well. This will allow you to distribute the internet or phone etc. I am just doing my house and plan to run a minimum of 4 runs...
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    removing and reinstalling pattress box...

    Correct me here if I am wrong but why not just use the run that was already there to distribute it? I assume you are just running co-ax cable and not CT100 satellite cable so you won't require a sky box in each room. If you are running co-ax the stream that is already there will carry...
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    Earth from consumer unit...NOW WITH RESULT

    Thanks for all your help guys. I spoke to WPD yesterday and they called me back almost immediately and have said that I can have a PME system installed there. There may already be one hidden in there and not connected but as soon as the sale completes they are going to come up and have a...
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    Earth from consumer unit...NOW WITH RESULT

    Cheers for the replies. I will start investigating. The house is just south of Bristol in High Littleton so probably WPD. Although I could just tell the spark to sort it I like to know exactly what is happening for future reference and so I can prepare for any additional work that needs...
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    Earth from consumer unit...NOW WITH RESULT

    Thanks for the reply. Currently I don't own the house (exchanging contracts this week hopefully) and the re-wire is planned for before we move in. I will try and get hold of the electricity supplier and see what they say. The supply is overhead cable and the house is in a terrace of...
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    Earth from consumer unit...NOW WITH RESULT

    Hello, I am having my house re-wired by a pro but I like to understand everything that happening for my piece of mind (and for any future problems). Now I was thinking today about the earth situation. I am not sure if there is any earthing from where the new consumer unit will be put. I...
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    Preparing for the future...Part P Conformity

    Hi, I am having some quotes at present to re-wire a house I am buying. Now the house will require complete modernisation which I am planning to do myself but the first job is the electrics (while I am not living there) and I am getting a professional Part P electrician in to do this...