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    Help with antique fireplaces

    That is a good suggestion, I have been in Holyrood Salvage yard couple of times but never spoke with them about it so its a good suggestion
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    Help with antique fireplaces

    Thanks for the advice but I have done it already and came up blank. I am looking for a specific advice rather than a pointer to use google...
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    Help with antique fireplaces

    Hi all, i need some help identifying my fireplaces and deciding what to do with them and how to restore them. Firstly, they are just a facia if you know what I mean, just the front is metal, not the inside (stone/brick). Around it its tiled not metal so slightly different to typical cast iron...
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    Vaillant programmers

    Can anyone describe differences between VRT350f and VRT370f? Both seem to be newer than VRT392f which is what I have and want to change it for something that actually displays in which heating mode it is... 350f seems to be available for purchase in UK although not officially listed on Vaillant...
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    Yale HSA6400 Telecommunicating Control Panel Source

    yaleguy3 sorry to dig out an old topic- I'm looking for a hsa6400 control panel on its own. Don't want to buy whole system because I have some accessories I can use and I simply want to build the system as I want it. Can you please let me know if you're able to provide just the control panel...
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    insulating pitched roof

    so would 50mm insulation be enough and is the vapour barrier/membrane needed with kingspan?
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    insulating pitched roof

    ceiling area is the whole roof. It goes from front of the house, highest in the middle and going down to the back again. Obviously usable space is roughly until 1.5 meter away from the front and end due to hight but I still want to do the whole roof to the end just to make it clean and...
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    insulating pitched roof

    hi there, i have a question about insulating pitched roof in a midterraced house small house. at the moment there is no insulation on the roof and loose insulating material between joists in the floor, underneath chipboard. I'm not sure of the costruction of the roof but by the looks of it...
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    loft conversion - fitting stairs

    first of all hello to everyone, just registered to ask about something. above is my current layout of the loft its mid terrace, left and right being adjoining walls, black square is current hatch access to the loft. Black lines are wood beams , I don't really know what they support but...