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    Retrofit Wet Underfloor Heating - Insulation Thickness/Material

    Thanks for the reply and the advice. As far as I can see they are thermalite blocks when sticking a camera down (see attached photos). Would the 35mm screed you mention include the pipes within it? In terms of ground supported insulation, how would this work as it is just loose ground? I...
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    Retrofit Wet Underfloor Heating - Insulation Thickness/Material

    Hello, I am currently having an extension built and have also got a price to install wet UFH in both the extension and also the existing property at the same time. Existing property is 2001 built. The builder has dug a couple of trial holes in the existing floor and found it is a 50mm screed...
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    Fixing heavy cabinet to tiled dot and dab wall

    Thanks, yeah the cabinet is mounted on six anchor points, of which there is three in each of the two supplied mounting brackets. I was not aware of core fix, would these still need to be pushed behind the tiles into the plasterboard to avoid risk of cracking the tile? Thanks
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    Fixing heavy cabinet to tiled dot and dab wall

    Hello, I need to fix a wall mounted storage unit onto the wall in my bathroom. The cabinet weighs 37kg. The walls are porcelain tile onto dot and dab plasterboard onto a breeze block inner leaf of the cavity wall. Given there will be a gap between the face of the tiles and the breeze block...
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    Underfloor Heating over Block and Beam floor - No Insulation!!

    The door was only installed a couple of years ago and was quite expensive so would like to avoid if at all possible. The top height of the door is restricted by the lintel etc. In the wall
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    Underfloor Heating over Block and Beam floor - No Insulation!!

    Hello, I am currently having an extension built and as part of the scope the builder is going to install underfloor heating throughout the rest of the house. The existing house is 2001 built and block and beam floor. The builder was planning to break out the existing screed and insulation...
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    Sealing/Stabilising PVA

    Hello, I have recently had some ceilings plastered and the plasterer has left a band of PVA around the top of the walls all the way round the room approx 6 inches down the wall. I need to paint the walls in emulsion and the PVA wont shift so can anyone recommend a good product to coat over the...
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    Filling Large hole in breezeblock around cables

    Hello, My house has an attached garage in which the consumer unit is located. All the cabling from the consumer unit runs across the rafters in the garage and then comes into the main house via a hole in the external wall of the house (Cavity wall). It looks like the have made the entry by...
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    Covering/Removing PVA on walls.

    Hello, I have recently had an area of wall above a window opening re-plastered following removal of a wooden baton that was fixed in the wall for mounting a curtain pole. Only the area above the window opening was reskimmed (approx 1.7M wide & 600mm from top of the opening to the ceiling). The...
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    Pipe Leak at Radiator valve

    Thanks. 10mm valve inlet on new one. Wasnt sure if there was a difference in valves needed for metal vs plastic pipe. CHeers.
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    Pipe Leak at Radiator valve

    Hello, I have a leak coming from where the pipe enters the bottom of a radiator valve. The heating system uses plastic pipe, 10mm (see below). The replacement valve I have purchased has a backnut with a metal olive in it. Can olived fittings be used with plastic pipe, or does a specialist...
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    Step Crack at corner - should I be worried?

    Hello! During some work to replace a section of down-pipe on my house i noticed a small section of brickwork that appears to have a step crack coming from the corner brick. The crack follows the mortar line and travels up between 3-4 brick levels before disappearing. See photos below. The...
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    Window Reveal cracks at the corners

    Hello, i have a small crack in either top corner of the window reveal (where the sides meet the top). What would the best method be to refill this? Would caulk be better than filler to prevent re-occurence? I have some geocel painters mate and polyfilla also. Is it just a case of raking out...
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    Filling gap at edges of window reveals

    Hello, I had new windows fitted a couple of months ago. The old windows had some odd shaped trims on them so where the new windows have been fitted, there is a gap at the edge of the reveal. The window fitter filled these gaps with filler, but it has started to crack. I have raked it out and...
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    Filling Gap at corner of walls

    Hello, I have had a new partition wall installed and plastered between a bedroom and en-suite. Where the walls meet at the internal corner, there is a small gap all the way up as shown below. What would the best product be to fill this? Caulk or filler? Thanks
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    Filling gaps below plasterboards

    Hello, I have removed some skirting boards in a room I am decorating and notice there is a gap all the way round between the bottom of the plasterboard and the chipboard floor. I understand the plasterboard Shouldn’t be butted up against the floor but I can feel draughts coming from the gap...
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    Sealing around a shower outlet elbow

    Hello, I have recently replaced the outlet elbow for the handset. This is on the wall below the main rainfall shower head. The old one didn't appear to be sealed but the instructions state that a bead of silicone should be applied in high moisture areas (which this is). Should the silicone be...
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    Drilling into Steel Lintel

    Hello, In attempting to drill through a cavity wall i appear to have hit the steel lintel. I have managed to find another route through which avoids the lintel altogether, but should the existing hole (which hit the lintel) be plugged with anything to prevent corrosion on the lintel in the...
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    Wood Filler or Caulk?

    Thanks. Do those two part fillers have any resistance to cracking? This is upstairs so wooden floors and stud walls. There is no noticeable movement but i can imagine over the years things will flex and shift etc. As for the gaps, put simply i am a first time DIY'er so i am still learning...
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    Wood Filler or Caulk?

    Hi, I have installed a number of new MDF architrave sets and need to fill some gaps at the corners (see photo). For these gaps, would 2 part wood filler or caulk be best? I also have some internal corners on skirting boards that could do with filling also. Would the same apply here? If Caulk...