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    Broken bottle gully

    Hi Ian, yes there is definitely an outlet pipe which drains down the garden under the lawn (presumably) to a soakaway, and the "bottle" feels jagged at the bottom as if broken rather than rounded like that one. When the pipe blocked last winter a drain company removed tree roots from the end...
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    Broken bottle gully

    Hi folks, we have a rainwater drain at the front of the house which gathers the rainwater from the driveway and takes it to a soakaway under the lawn. We had some issues with it backing up so I cleaned out the drain of leaves and mud, and it seems that there is a bottle gully (not sure of the...
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    Planting cordylines grown in pot

    Only just noticed this, yes we decided to wait and will be planting soon.
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    Drainage queries

    Just to add, that chamber is probably 3 feet deep, maybe more, and there is a good foot or more of crud at the bottom of it. The previous owner was an older lady who only lived here part time, so I'd guess maintenance was low down the list of priorities over the past 2 or 3 year.
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    Drainage queries

    Hi folks, We've moved into a house which is not connected to the main drains or sewers, so we have a few queries about how things work. Luckily they do work for the most part, so my questions are mostly about maintenance. 1. the down pipes from the gutters feed into underground drains, since...
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    Planting cordylines grown in pot

    We have a couple of cordyline's which have been growing in pots for the past 3 or 4 years. I don't know the proper name for them, but they're not the giant ones that look like palm trees, they're only about 2 or 3 feet tall. Now we have the bigger garden, we'd like to plant them out into the...
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    Moss, lots of it, in a large lawn

    Hi folks, I've just moved house with a very large lawn - approx 1200 Sq. m if my maths is up to correct (40*20 at the front, 20*20 at the back). Very nice and all that, but my issue is that the lawn has hardly been maintained over the past number of years - the previous owners paid a man to...
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    Want to change a eyesore in bedroom - pics

    I had a horrible feeling this was going to be something to do with your wife or girlfriend! :lol: Further to what's been said, we got somilar sliding wardrobes built by a local company here in Northern Ireland, but they're not much use to you. Companies like Sharps will do the complete...
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    Garden Office flooring

    Further to my questions about the insulation of a garden office, I'm also planning to install a wooden floor. For cost reasons it'll be that "click" laminate stuff rather than real wood, and the room has is square, so the installation itself should be straight forward enough. But my...
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    Garden Office insulation

    Hi folks, this sort of overlaps with another topic already posted on here, but not quite.... I've just bought a "garden room" which I'm intending to use as an office. It's a wooden building made from "tongue and groove weatherboard" apparently. Anyway, the underside of the floor has...