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    Toe and heel didnt work

    Hi I have a upvc front door that didn't close properly. It was catching at the top lock and didnt lock properly either. It had clearly dropped. I read about toe and heeling and tried it. My door was way out so packed it and now the door sits exactly square. Equal distance from one diagonal...
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    Door and windows draught

    Hi There I have a pvc front door and window that seems to let in a draught. I think I know why there is a draught but not quite sure on the best way to stop it. The front door hinges seem to have worn and the whole door has sort of toppled over from the top leaving a slight gap at the top...
  3. Window frame

    Window frame

  4. Door Hinge

    Door Hinge

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    Dorma cavity

    Hi, I have a triangular shaped cavity running the whole length of my dorma style house. At the minute is has 30 year old 'insulation' laying on the floor and up the sides of the bedroom walls. Someone has nailed polystyrene to the roof section aswell which seems to do absolutly nothiing...
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