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    Problems with Strip Light and low supply

    Thanks for your reply Is a DNO our supplier?
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    Problems with Strip Light and low supply

    Hi, I am a Scout Leader and we are having some problems with a double strip light at the HQ. The light had started to flicker on start up but would eventually light up. This got worse and now it just flickers on and off. The problem is both tubes. We started by swapping starters but no luck...
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    Handbrake indicator light

    Spot on. Cleaned up the contacts and attached it with a slightly larger self tapper and all ok Thanks for you advice
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    Handbrake indicator light

    Hi, My Citroen Berlingo Multispace has frustratingly failed its MOT for the failure of the handbrake indicator light. Now the light displays on the dash when you start the engine but does not light up when the handbrake is applied. Under the handbrake itself is a simple make/break sprung...
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    How do I re pressurise my baxi duo tec combi he

    I'd say you are 'missing' the engineer who fitted it in December. Give him a call. If he can't talk you through it on the phone, he could pop round!
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    British Gas 330+ boiler. Which GlowWorm model?

    The BG 330+ is not simply re-badged. It is a different from both the flexi and ultra. It is probably better described as a hybrid?? See no reason why a 330+ should prevent fitting an unvented cylinder.
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    Need a wireless room stat

    I think this is a bargain, and actually a clever bit of kit with plenty of future potential
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    getting the best from a combi

    I suggest fitting a combisave [/url] These devices reduce the flow rate of hot water till it reached a sufficient temp.. This means the boiler runs for less time and less water is wasted. Double bonus if you are on a water meter. Any pre-heat facility for hot water...
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    42Kw Boiler with Wireless Stat & Receiver

    Check that it is not a problem with the signal. The RF will pass through walls but finds it difficult at acute angles. Also can struggle with foil backed plasterboard. Move the stat to see if this improves. Also check that the receiver is positioned correctly. The signal will struggle to...
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    New Boiler needed for the sake of 2 rubber seals?!

    Is the gas valve perhaps used on another boiler - Yes Are the O-Rings listed in the parts for that boiler - Yes Took me about 2 minutes to track them down. A further 2 minutes and I could confirm they were OK with the Manufacturer. Job done and done safely.
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    Fein Multitool

    But is a fein multitool good for cutting tiles? An angleginder is all very well but is not suitable. Both cost the same to hire!
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    Fein Multitool

    Forgive me if this has already been asked (didn't come up on a search) Is a Fein Multitool or similar any good for cutting ceramic floor tiles in situ. I know they are very good for removing grout but what about cutting tiles. Thanks in advance Simon
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    Intermittent fault. Can you solve it? Here are the clues....

    The drayron valves BG use are pretty unreliable, so could be. As likely be a wiring fault from when it was changed. Is it that the CH only comes on when the HW is calling and that is why it seems intermittent. Try having just Htg only from the clock??
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    Missing Spare

    Some advice please... Some Bar Steward stole the spare wheel from under my car. Is a missing spare an MOT fail?? Thanks in advance
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    NO PRESSURE !!!!!

    I would go for the same way you drained it before. Just releasing the pressure is normally enough. Not sure if this boiler has a drain point. Opening the PRV is not a good idea as it can lead to other problems.
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    NO PRESSURE !!!!!

    Either the gauge is faulty or simply blocked, probably blocked. Kill the power and confirm its killed, drain the appliance, trace the thick wire that comes out of the back of the gauge and remove the other end probably from the return manifold. Poke through the muck that has accumulated in...
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    New Spirotech.

    Anyone have any idea what the additional fitting on the pipe below the filter is?
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    Advice about garage invoice please

    Thanks for all your replies. I also think that the alternator should have a 12 month guarantee and would expect any business to guarantee their work. I am going to return to the garage and state that point. I intent to pay the labour charge as an offer of settlement. I will let you know...
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    Advice about garage invoice please

    Some advice please. The alternator on my Citreon went back in Feb and I paid a garage to fix it. 3 weeks ago the battery light came on and soon the battery required charging. Re-charged the battery and still had the light so I visited the garage explained what had happened and reminded them...
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    Replacing timer/prog control

    Now there's a thought........ what is 'better'