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    Kitchen Sink above electric meter cupboard?

    Just planning a very small kitchen(ette). Is there a regulation preventing the sink being above the base unit that covers the electric meter? I now it doesnt seem like a good idea, but there appears to be no way around this.
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    Fitting quadrant shower? Which tray do I need.

    Hi, I am fitting a quadrant shower, but I am confused at the various trays that are avaliable? Acrylic/Stone/High/Low/Slimeline and Easyplumb I need to install on a concrete floor, where the waste will go out at floor level? What sort of tray do I need for this setup?
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    Where to buy paint at a good price

    I usually use selco for white/magnolia, costs me around £16.75 inv vat for 10ltrs. £27 for 5ltrs of colours therefore seems very expensive. What are others paying for 5/10 lts of trade emulsion (i.e Gillden / Leyland or similar).
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    Is this crack anything to worry about?

    Wall is line with door is the main wall of the house. This is effectively a 2.5 brick wide extension, with a concrete flat roof above. There is therefore no load on the wall above (except for the roof). There are no other signs of cracking anywhere else in the building. The crack show is...
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    Cracks above downstairs window

    The original windows have been replaced with aluminium. Above the window is a stepped crack. This appears to have been re pointed some time ago, and does not appear to have any significant further cracks. I am considering getting a structural survey completed, but would appreciate any...
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