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    Scarify lawn

    I don't see to much harm in scarifying during the summer. Id recommend looking at the weather forecast and choose a day before it's going to rain which should save you having to hand water it. Once scarified I would cut it in two directions.
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    8x6 garden shed

    Hi Casterina, I would recommend going to a local B&Q or Homebase to look their rather than get it online. If you go and see the sheds properly you can ensure they are of a high quality/sturdy etc.. Our next door neighbour has this shed from B&Q and it is sturdy, warms inside and very reliable...
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    Hi, my grandad, (roughcaster') account has been locked due to various attempts at putting in the password! How long is this locked for?
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    Large concrete block

    A big Jack Hammer would probably get it broken up. If not then a digger with a breaker attached may be the best option. We broke up a big concrete pad about 100mm thick on Friday. We broke it up with a sledge hammer no problem, that wouldn't work with a pad 3 foot deep though.
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    Looking for garden ideas

    Hi karl210, I totally agree with your plans to put down artificial grass down on the grassy area. That would I said before I'd even seen your comment. With your flowers/plants you could put a small fence 10-12 inches high to separate the flower bed from the grass p, however this will still allow...
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    Time to change ID DIYNewbee99

    See ya DIYNewbee99 a well deserved step up. Your now a DIYProfessionall99 lol
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    Paint Basics

    Hi poster897, always better to sand down old paintwork on skirting, doors etc. When your painting always start with the ceiling then the walls the the skirtings this is the normal way to carry out a paint job.
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    Well with the year finished I'm playing off 29! I have been shooting 90s consistently and its went from high nineties to low nineties with a 93 yesterday and my last 4 rounds also being low nineties! :) getting some winter coaching and hopefully I shoot down next year! How you getting on?
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    Yes I have been following the open! Seen every minute of TV coverage! I'm a big mcilroy fan so anyone but speith for me! I was routing for paul lawrie as I have met him but I wouldn't mind seeing dustin get the trophy since pauls dropped a bit! Who you all routing for?
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    Do I really need to skim?

    You can do either, tape and skim, or tape and fill the joints/screw heads then sand down when dry!
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    Yeah I have Wilson irons, hybrid and 3 wood, a taylormade white smoke putter and a ping g25 driver which I love!!! I'll be replacing the 3 wood and hybrid to the g25 aswell and I'll get a titiliest vokley 60 degree wedge! Apart that no! Lol well done on the handicap coming down!
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    Photography and related stuff

    I love my camera have a Nikon and it takes good photos
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    Plumber not turning up

    Get rid of him fast then replace him with somebody else! Ask other local trusted tradesmen to recommend somebody cheap and reliable! :)
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    hello again gregers, I'm loving the golf, I've won or came second in every comp this year and I'm in the semi final of the junior match play championships! I'm shooting below 100 easy now the last 4 rounds I have had a 99, 97, 95, 94 yesterday! How are you getting on?
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    Cutting a hole in lath and plaster ceilings

    When cutting a hole through a lath and plaster ceiling,, cut the holle from down below rather than up above in the loft as you can cause a lot of damage cutting down through the lath and plaster.
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    Surprise, surprise...Homebase in the brown stuff!

    Not suprised atall, very expensive. It was bound to happen sooner or later!
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    Cracks in plaster and corners of rooms.

    The cracks in the corners, rake out with a stanley knife couple of ml, damp down with a wet brush and put filler on then tape. The small hollow patches, you can either cut out, damp down and refill or if its not bad tape over any cracks in the wall, pva then skim.[/code]
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    Cracks in plaster and corners of rooms.

    The cracks in the corners would repair as you said, rake out, fill, tape then skim. The "egg shell wall",,, rub the back of your fingernails over the wall to see if the plaster sounds "hollow". If it does, remove it, but if it doesn't, put tapes over the cracks, pva the whole wall, then skim...
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    Photography and related stuff

    Hi, im no photographer but im going to be getting a new camera to make an album of all the birds is spot! Im goin to print the pictures then wrtie the date spotted etc. Any of you done this before? :)
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    General Advice needed.

    I agree with steve, bonding coat on damp walls.. no use.