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    Root barrier

    Hi. I am in the process of planting some pleached trees behind my shed… unfortunately the neighbour at the rear has chopped a large tree down in her garden and now we both overlook each other. I’m really limited for space in terms of where to plant. I’ve basically got 50cm gap to try to...
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    Detergent to clean sandstone?

    Avoid anything acidic. This is a good alkaline cleaner for my limestone. Lasts for ages.
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    Ideas for tree/plants with decent coverage to restore privacy

    That looks like the kind of thing we need and is evergreen too. Thanks for your suggestion - much appreciated
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    Mortar stain on limestone paving

    Does anyone recommend a product for removing mortar stains from limestone paving? I appreciate anything acidic is a no no. I wiped away the larger bits of mortar but it has left a haze/residue which isn’t shifting easily. I’ve tried jetwashing but it’s not made much difference. Thanks
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    Ideas for tree/plants with decent coverage to restore privacy

    Evening all. I’m in the process of working on the end of our garden. I’ve put a shed base down, new shed and new fences. Unfortunately our elderly neighbour at the rear has cut down her large willow tree which we both relied on for privacy. I appreciate it is her tree but it would have been...
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    Removing screw caps on shower screen

    Thanks. You were right. But if cilit bang helped too
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    Removing screw caps on shower screen

    Sorry. Newbie question… Can anyone advise me. Do these ideally screw on or should I just be able to pop them off? Thanks
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    Help identifying bathroom wall tile

    The previous owner also had a loft conversation done in 2017. There is the odd cracks in plaster etc but nothing that is getting worse. So I am not too concerned. Only spotted this tile today but I guess some settlement from that could be a cause.
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    Help identifying bathroom wall tile

    Thanks. Yes I agree I think they are 8 wide (500mm) and 9 high (200mm). ive looked at the Recer infinity basic great and they seem to be sized at 250mm wide and 400mm high so not sure they are the same as what I’m after?
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    Help identifying bathroom wall tile

    Hi there I'm trying to identify my bathroom wall tile - I have a couple that have hairline cracks in them and was hoping to find some replacements. The bathroom was installed before we moved in so I've no idea where they might have been sourced from. I think they would have been purchased in...
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    Removing scratch from tile

    Thanks Andy. Yes I can feel a slight scratch with my nail in some spots.. but not all. Have tried a bit of wd40 too but again not much joy.
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    Removing scratch from tile

    I have tried toothpaste without much joy. Will give brasso a go though. Thanks
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    Removing scratch from tile

    Hi all I have had quite a bit of difficulty removing a basin from my bathroom wall due to the amount of silicone which had been lagged behind it (by previous owner of house) I was a careful as I could be but it took me hours to get it off the wall as I didn’t want to pull any tiles off whe...
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    Removal of basin siliconed to tiled wall

    Hi guys. I’m struggling to remove a pedestal basin from my tiled bathroom wall. I have removed the bolts from the underside but I can only assume it has been lagged with so much silicone when it’s been put in place (by previous owners) that I am struggling to remove it. The last thing I want to...
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    Attaching fence panel to shorter concrete fence post

    Hi there I am considering renewing my fencing and I am wanting to go for a higher 6 foot fence than the 4ft fence that is there at present. My question is how i can attach the new fence to the existing fence post which joins with my neighbours fence. I don't really want to have to replace...
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    Integrated Beko dishwasher issues - constant draining + adjusting legs

    Hi there My Beko DW686 integrated dishwasher has been stuck on drain and wont start a proper cleaning cycle. I have read that a common cause of this issue can be a leak which leads to water accumulating in the base of the unit, and an anti-flooding sensor puts the unit into drain mode when it...
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    Beko Dishwasher stuck on drain

    Hi there. Did you ever sort this? I appreciate it was a while ago! I have the same issue. I am wondering if it is water in the base of the dishwasher, but i'm having problems getting mine out to properly investigate as it is an integrated unit, and the kitchen floor has been laid after it...
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    Easifill ok to patch this area?

    Hi there Was just filling some cracks in the bathroom ceiling over the weekend and ended up scrapping off a patch of loose paint/plaster. I don't really want to have the whole ceiling skimmed. I was wondering if you think easifill would be the best bet to patch this area? I'm not a...
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    Advice on accessing roof with ladder

    Already thought of that... I left the velux window open!
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    Advice on accessing roof with ladder

    Thanks guys. In hindsight, perhaps it was a bit risky for me to do myself. Instead I held the ladder and sent my wife up. 5 minute job in the end. She pulled out the cracked tile and popped the new on in... so all sorted now.