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    Responsibility for roof repairs

    Hi All I have a leak on both sides of my roof which I have been advised is due to the mortar on the existing ridge tiles between the roofs (circled) having degraded. My roofer advises that the best course of action would be to replace these with a Bonding Gutter. My question is around...
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    Opening fireplace

    Good question...i dont know when it was built to be honest but i would say its at least 60 years old
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    Opening fireplace

    Im guessing there is no way of identifying if there is a lintel without knocking off the plaster etc
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    Opening fireplace

    Hi All I am after a bit of advice, will try and explain as best as I can..... I am looking to install a bio-ethanol fire in my living room. I am looking to locate it on my chimney breast which is currently bricked up (I assume bricked) however for aesthetic reasons I would like it to be...