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    New bathroom installation, but very old boiler being kept. ?

    Thanks squeaky. This is how I see things. I'd like a few more opinions if possible just in case there is anything I may of missed. Thanks again.
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    New bathroom installation, but very old boiler being kept. ?

    Hi guys Long time no see. May I ask a question? I have a customer who is, like most folk nowadays, pretty tight on money. He has an old combi fitted in his bathroom that is about 25 years old. Apparently it still gets serviced. I have been asked to fit a new bathroom with a shower...
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    Large towels warmers and underfloor heating - help?

    Thanks for reply - this makes sense. I have to go ahead with the job regardless, but as long as I express my concerns I've covered myself. Your advice should keep things favourable.
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    Large towels warmers and underfloor heating - help?

    Hello - long time no see. Any thing I should be aware of when fitting devi under floor heating along with 2 large towel warmers? The customer insists they want this, but I cant help thinking the heat from the towel warmers would over ride the devi mat thermostat. They have said the shop that...
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    So, should we be worried about this ISP download crackdown?

    File storage sites are the way to go. Rapidshare and Megashare etc. You have to find a site that spreads the sharing information, but that is only a google away. Most of the sharing community are doing it this way now and it will probably be a few years before anyone trys to tackle this method...
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    Invoice question

    A while back, a few plumbers mecrchants down here in Portsmouth were giving the same trade price to retail as they were trade. I had a customer who tried to 'mark my cards' by telling me he could get trade prices himself. I told him that perhaps he ought to supply the parts and be prepared...
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    End of.

    "And he turned round and said....." "So she turned round and said....." "Then I turned round and said....." " What, so you all actually turned round a lot during this chat? " "" "Well why say it then?" "...whatever..." ARRGGHHH!!!!!!!
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    What a man!

    You mean the question I quite clearly asked Joe ? Butt out. Joe sorry this turned sour. I genuinely wanted to hear more of what you were saying. Another day perhaps.
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    What a man!

    Cant be arsed to get drawn in with the debate ( not on a forum anyway - face to face is better ), but I just want to throw in a bit of support to Megawatt. Quicky for Joe 90 out of curiousty though. You equate the universe's energy as a God. Would you say this is the same type of God that...
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    What Do Professional Plumbers Think Of Push Fit?

    Yes. But all that guarantee covers is the price of a new fitting. I found this out the hard way when one blew on me a few years back and caused a few hundred quids worth of repairs. To answer OP.... I make a big deal out of not using them when I bid for a job. Most of my customers are old...
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    Spaghetti shortage?

    It all sounds bologs to me.
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    Bernard Mannings made me laugh. It's a shame the media still portray him as some a nasty peice of work even though quite a few people have come forward to say he was a kind hearted bloke. I do a lot of work for a big Indian family down here in Portsmouth. I once saw a Bernard Manning dvd on...
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    school recruits

    The armed forces and war are a fact of life. Teachers should leave their own political ideals out of it. The NUT are a disgrace for allowing marxist rabble rousers to influence the way schools operate. This is the kind of subject that parents ought to have a say in too - but lefties often sneak...
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    For married men only

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    Not just flowers, it's the faded self printed photographs in plastic sleeves that look just as awful. Also, why are road accident locations singled out as a reason to do this? Are other deaths less worthy of these floral tributes?
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    What are the legalities of this scenario?

    It was cash thank God. Thanks for that info, it was quite interesting.
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    I like James Blunt

    I disliked his first single but I liked his second album and I generally like him. I havnt gave it too much thought to why people dislike him so but the fact he seems a 'toff' seems to come up a lot. He's an easy target for working class tabloids music 'journalists'. He is going down a storm in...
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    A while back a young girl was snatched out of the bath in her own home whilst the mum was down stairs. One could argue that the parents were negligent here too. After all, didn't they realise that predatory pedophiles often target a child, plan when there is a moment when the parents are not...
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    some good news

    'News' is a product, and as such, how it is reported is driven by viewer ratings and paper sales - not soppy notions of class. The tabloids are often sneered at as working class papers, yet even they covered more of the Maddie case, because - like it or not - the story is more 'juicy'. Look...
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    The maddie fund.

    O.K 'voice of the silent majority' - I'll bite.... Never turn up? Do a bit of homework at least. Maddie may still be living. And yeah we get the message that you think she isnt - but the fact is she may be, so you have contradicted yourself. Why? They weren't negligent. And yeah we...