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    One radiator always off?

    Tha ms gasgurj I think I have sorted it ( so car pressure is stable a d rads are hot). That "lite job" has taken my day out.
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    One radiator always off?

    Thanks the key has got stuck in the boiler. It wont repressurise without leaking or come out! Time for a cuppa and a calm down. Any ideas of how to get it out?
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    One radiator always off?

    Hi My soster has been told by a plumber that the radiator in the hall must always be off because it 'regulates' the worcetser combi boiler. Does this sound right? Ive just replaced it after decorating and put it on and we have lost water pressure so boiler is now not working.
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    shed chimney planning permission or not

    Hello I am considering installing 2 smokers for smoking food into my metal shed. I am not sure whether I would need planning permission to erect 2 chimneys. Also, how do I work out how high above the structure they should be to be effective? Any advice would be welcome.