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    Zampa, you reminded me of a workmate who got extremely ****ed on his birthday and thought getting a tattoo of his name in cantonese would be a great idea. He came back to the bar we worked in at the time to show us all his latest misdemeanour. We enlisted the help of a local cantonese gent to...
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    repair quote &cowl question

    Firstly, sorry about the long winded Q. I have had a quote to repair the lead flashing round the chimney with code 5 flashing, costing £560. Strip back and renew felt on flat roof over a bay window using 1 layer of 3B vapour barrier felt, 1 layer 2mm torch on underlay & 1 layer 4mm torch on...
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    bath panel removal

    Thanks all, You're quite right bathjobby, Although I've cut off the leaks water supply, my priority really is fixing that. I shall throw caution to the wind and rip the flaming thing off with any tool that will do the job!! Cheers.
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    bath panel removal

    Thanks for the suggestion. I should have said that the bath and the panels are acrylic, well the panels actually would appear to be perhaps hardboard? coated with acrylic. There's a small chip on the corner. I imagine that it clips in somehow, but I'm reluctant to set about it with tools just...
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    bath panel removal

    Hi all, The other day I heard the sound of running water, it seems to be coming from under the bath. No water outlets were in use at the time! I isolated my water supplies and reinstated one by one and have discovered that the leak is being supplied from the cold tank in the loft. Anyway, I...
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    SCART or SVideo wall sockets

    Scart will give a better picture quality than s-video. It is possible to get flat scart leads which may be easier to hide. Here's a web forum that's dedicated to all things AV. They might have the info you're looking for. Not that I'm in any way, knocking...
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    Try refilling the system using the filler loop. Did the pressure suddenly drop, or has it been gradually falling? If you have bled any rad's recently, this will cause the pressure to drop a little, or a lot depending on how much "beeding" was required. Often a top up is required. Maybe someone...
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    Have you tried resetting the boiler? The 3 way switch in the middle can be set to off/reset for 10 seconds, then switched back to water/heating. This should spark it back into life again. Also there should be a code flashing in the display. If it's flashing "04" then your water pressure is too...
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    Specialist curtain rail ??

    Hi Searcher, Is this what you're looking for? See here happytraveller.
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    Epson Stylus Photo 830U

    Hi Securespark, I have an epson 830 printer, not u though. If you access your printer through control panel, (windows xp) and select printer preferences, this will give you the ability to change the print quality and layout. It is possible to choose printing with black ink only by clicking...