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    Non-parallel cuts on a table saw

    The way that I set up for making a taper is like this - say I want to cut a 6" plank 4 ft long, from one corner to the other, making 2 triangles. get a bit of 2x1 the same length as the plank - or a bit longer - to use as a slider put the 2x1 along the fence put the 6" plank next to it...
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    what tool for large accurate rip cuts?

    I had a sneaky feeling. Thanks Joe-90 & Big-all
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    what tool for large accurate rip cuts?

    I need to cut precise 15mm thick slots upwards from the end of a load of posts, rip cuts with the grain across the diameter - to insert steel plates for footings These are large posts, 300mm in diameter and 5 to 7 metres long. There are around 40 slots needed and they all need to be square...
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    concrete kitchen worktops - anyone tried to DIY?

    I have done this a few times for various types of job, including bar and counter tops. To begin with it is important to reconsider how to use cement as a fine material rather than a building material. First thing is to understand that cement needs water to cure, lots of it, if it dries it will...
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    Metal Door Frames - Help Please!

    I just got the Hafele url for another post, and reading yours seems that you could do with it too. The section for architectural ironmongery hinges is huge, they should have something that would suit. Link to section here btw there are no images showing on your post
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    Gas Strut for Kitchen Cupboard

    Chances are that Hafele will have what you want - they are the major manufacturer of cabinet fittings - plus the website has dimensioned drwgs of everthing they sell. Take a look here - the Flap Fittings/Lid Stays section of the catalogue gas struts may also be listed in other sections.
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    Ideas for foundations for wooden sumerhouse

    I just came across the thread and thought I should say that I spent a while agonising over the same decisions too. In the end I did a load of historical research into what people used before 1847 (when cement as we know it was invented) and came across quite a few options. for such small...
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    I grew a bougainvillia in my front garden a few years ago, encouraged by the fact that everything thrives there and often seems to flower all year long (south coast, full sun trap, no north wind etc.). It looked fantastic and was making its way up the wall. We hardly ever get a real frost being...
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    help needed to finish garden ornament.

    I have done this in the past with cast cement reliefs, for a quick fix the trick is the same one that antique restorers use to forge aged furniture, picture frames etc. first make sure to use a powder that doesn't stain; for white it is usual to use pumice, for black fine carborundum powder...
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    Ariston margharita a1635 washing machine

    Thanks Rocks.
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    OSB bookshelves

    Hehe I like the sound of OSB shelving, dead quirky. and far more dimensionally stable than MDF which will always sag over an unsupported span even through its own weight. I say go with the OSB, it is one of the greenest products out there as far as composite boards go, it has one of the best...
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    Ariston margharita a1635 washing machine

    I keep getting conflicting info on whether the Ariston margharita a1635 washing machine has a welded drum or not. I have half a mind to trash the thing and buy a new bosch, but first I would like to know whether it is feasible to attempt a bearing replacement. As there are no ariston manuals...
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    An odd little challenge

    rethinking the device that you drew (with red threaded hole), why not consider using an offset hole to bolt the water bottle to, then you could use one of these common cleats just find the type with a 10mm large hole, to put around the drums threaded rod. and bolt the water bottle holder...
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    DIYnot success story

    Hehe - how generous?
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    DIYnot success story

    In 2004 I replied to a forum post here on DIYnot asking for someone who could write about DIY projects - // As a result of this contact I have written several books for the publisher, some of which have gone on to being very successful ~...
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    bristan 1901 washers too loose.

    Thanks chris. The one that I used looked just like that but has "vacca" written on it. I did think about wrapping with ptfe but really just wanted to know whether it was common to have to do that. I just took a look at the bristan range site, and it seems odd that a handbasin tap has a 3/4...
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    bristan 1901 washers too loose.

    would you mind elaborating on that? please.
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    bristan 1901 washers too loose.

    I have just got around to fixing a bristan 1901 handbasin tap (hot) that has been getting increasingly hard to turn off. The old washer was brittle and half worn through, the seat looked OK, but i polished it with a seating tool just to make sure, no apparent erosion. When it came to...
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    simple tap fitting, advice needed please.

    cross posted there goldberg, thanks for replying. erm. xcuse my ignorance but LSX?
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    simple tap fitting, advice needed please.

    I have tried gas ptfe, wrapped about 5 times around - there are no leaks - but i still doesn't cure the problem, that the tap doesn't point straight down when it is firmly seated. when the taps are in the right position, they can be easily unscrewed by hand (told you it was a heavy handed...