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    concrete boom pumps

    yeah, yr right of course. i need to give him a bell and have his round for a look. thanks for the reply norcon
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    Out house conversion

    speak to the local council planning - anon tip off. or give building control a ring and ask what they know about it. if he's doing it illegally and on the cheap, then his plumber, spark and builder are likely have comboy tendencies also......
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    concrete boom pumps

    a little query that some of you will have dealt with before: i need to pump some concrete, a boom pumper is ideal as it will place where i need it in a number of locations - hoses would be a right pain to use on this site, unless anyone know someone who uses the smaller bore ones like i've...
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    a matter of identification

    alright peeps, got a question for you all - there i was, digging a hole and nice and shallow and i hit a steel pipe of about 1.5 ro 1.75" diameter, in good condition wrapped in a thin coat of what seems like paper soaked bitumen. it flakes off and i've got nice shiny steel where i've been...
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    plastic padding

    coo, you had me worried there - i love that stuff. searched on ebay and halfords for 'chemical metal' and loads came up. i only ever recall seeing one version of it unless you know better?
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    Bosch Worcester 37CD1comb- Rad remove, refit & refill in

    is it a closed or vented system? that is to say - combi boiler or tank in the loft and a hot water cylinder somewhere. vented can be poured into the loft tank as it is refilled, but as you mention pressure, it's probably combi so it goes in through an upstairs rad (towel rails are good as...
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    Radiators warm but not hot enough. All bled??

    yes, of course you can get ripped off, maybe the system does need a flush - did the problem just happen one day or over a time? the HE might well also be on it's way out or clogged. you might try a diy power flush - drain down, shut valve on each rad, take the rad outside and flush through...
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    Removing complete heating system

    yup. you can even have your supply disconnected in the street if you want to, that would be the ultimate way to do away with gas on your property. the only downside of removing the system yourself is it needs care and attention to avoid dirty water on the carpets, but other than that it's...
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    LPG Conversion

    when i looked into it, it didn't really affect anything like tax etc, the gist was that filling up can be tricky (that is to say finding a filling station with gas when you are away from your favourite local garage), pricing can be variable (and inflated), who knows if & when the
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    I PAD 2 or other tablet

    i feel the same need - two things put me off the ipad 1. the cost of the ipad for the spec i want 2. apple is compatible with apple and not much else............ i'm waiting for the price to come down so i can satisfy at least one of the above points. or maybe the android based...
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    Best wall insulation?

    i used 100mm foil faced kingspan type ( from a local merchant),over an air gap provided by tile batten (batten was screwed to the wall for the air gap), i then glued plasterboard to the kingspan and skimmed it. gorgeous job and the room is a lot easier to heat in the winter now. the air...
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    a country where people can still be stoned to death and you're amazed at women getting the vote? i'm more surprised they finally got it. i just hope they use it more wisely than the men seem to.
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    the bag is permeable, they are less than 1 mcu in volume, and a lot less than that once you've filled it with gravel or rubble. it's better than nothing i suppose, at least you might be able to have a bulk bag or gravel craned straight into the hole. just don't be surprised if the water...
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    DPC Levels

    dpc is a plastic strip preventing moisture wicking up the wall, the concrete slab has a damp proof membrane ( a thick sheet of polythene that goes under the concrete and returns up the wall before being trimmed off afterwards). but then if the garage isn't a habitable structure then i...
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    the volume for a soakaway can be worked out as metres squared of paving * 0.017, so that's the free volume you want. a large gravel would work better than slabs (whatever leaves the biggest voids), ideally you would buy aquacell soak away crates at about £40 per 200litres capacity and terram to...
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    Paslode 350 - Sparking back to front

    not very constructive i know, but sell it on fleabay for spares and repairs and buy a shiny new makita or hitachi........ might be a cheaper option than having yours fixed,, plus you get a new tool with warranty.
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    Pipes knocking when no water is running and boiler off !!

    sure it's you and not a neighbouring flat/house? are you on a cistern fed system or mains pressure throughout?
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    Does anyone no anything about loft insulation?

    if the boards are tongue and groove interlocking boards, and you seal round the edges and any cuts, then you've isolated the problem. if it all has to come out, it will be space suit and mask time for you. if it was me, it'd all be coming out.............
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    Suitable base

    you could use it, but you would normally lay flags on soft sand. the gravel in the ballast will make getting a flat bed hard. you can also add some cement to the sand to stiffen it up to reduce ants setting up shop.......
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    Ivy on external walls

    the way i look at it is that ivy roots into the surface pores of brick, when you strip the ivy roots can be left in the pores, these decay away and the face of the brick is POSSIBLY more prone to frost damage (water enters the voids, freezes, expands and blows the brick). bricks behave...