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    TV screen freezing - help

    I turned down amplification on ariel and also got new TV - hasn't frozen since. Thanks for all suggestions and help
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    2 female police officers shot in Manchester

    I didn't quote it that was lifted from BBC website - my own view was the top line
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    2 female police officers shot in Manchester

    Thoughts and prayers with their families and colleagues ------------------------------------- Two female police officers have died during a "routine" call-out which led to the arrest of a man wanted by Greater Manchester Police. PC Nicola Hughes, 23, and PC Fiona Bone, 32, suffered...
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    TV screen freezing - help

    Thanks for all your help guys, really appreciate it and will give this a go
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    TV screen freezing - help

    sorry to sound dim but what will this do Sam
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    TV screen freezing - help

    Have had that issue before with an older and cheaper freeview box. I am very close to Crystal Palace transmitter (only few miles) and checked postcode on here
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    TV screen freezing - help

    Thanks for prompt response, live in block of flats hence the indoor aerial and was hoping you wouldn't say need outdoor one. It usally affects main channels BBC and ITV channels more so than others such as Dave, Film4 etc etc Will speak to the landlord. Thanks again
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    TV screen freezing - help

    Most nights my TV keeps freezing and get message on screen digital service - now its an old TV connected up to decent freeview recorder (using indoor ariel) I bought a filter cable at weekend as thought someone on road may have a CB radio (or similar) as there is a large mast/ariel type thing...
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    Commons Statement on Hillsborough

    No don't think you get it as others have said Fans have been blamed since the day it happened and it wasn't fans fault, the police, FA, and government are to blame for what happened and the coverup that followed not the fans
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    Commons Statement on Hillsborough

    As a football fan so glad the truth as come out. I have been in similar situations (thankfully noone crushed), police pushing and shoving with horses asking us and telling us to move in 70s/80s, hitting fans with batons even if there was no space to move into. People at back pushed trying...
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    Saturday night TV

    Stopped watching Saturday TV while ago, usually record dramas/films during week when busy and watch at weekend. This Saturday night I watched Enemy of The State and Sunday night watched Things to do in Denver when you are dead
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    "Pink" slug

    They have taken over my back yard and killed all native slugs
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    Half empty Olympic stadiums.

    this was sencond email: Dear All Please note that LOCOG have already complained that people are looking through windows at what is happening on the West Front even though you have been requested not to. PLEASE STOP THIS IMMEDIATELY ---------------------------------------- the...
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    Half empty Olympic stadiums.

    I work at Hampton Court Palace and we have been told not allowed to watch time trial out the window - had email last week saying that - some watched out closed window this morning and we got email this morning saying anyone looking out window had to stop immediately due to complaints from...
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    Olympic footie

    usual no atmosphere at swamp nice to see rag fans cheering on team by booing Bellamy and Richards
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    Shearer on Mario

    what's he ever achieved let's see 3 serie A titles, 1 Italian super cup, 1 fa cup, 1 prem league title. Young European player of the year, can also speak 2 languages But don't let facts get in the way of bullshit eh Shearer.
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    help setting up my router

    followed instructions yesterday and after connecting router to modem all lights that should be lit and green seem correct I enter ip address etc and I get error when it tries to connect to internet error says problem with dsl/cable or internet connection Internet works fine without router...
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    Not come from me and I am City season ticket holder
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    People on benefits..

    John my sister been doing that for while now
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    sports stars

    Joey got killed during a race bout 2000 by the way