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    Part J: Skirting distance from stove

    The skirting will be heated by radiant, not convected, heat, If the stove is set back in the alcove then a straight line from the heat source will cross the corner edge of the wall and barely touch the skirting at all. I'd stop the skirting an inch from the corner anyway, with a bevelled edge...
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    Can rainwater downpipe just run off onto driveway

    There are thousands of acres of empty land where the rain just lands and then soaks or runs away somewhere. Then someone builds a shed and there becomes a need to have gutters, downpipes, and somewhere special for the rain to go. Unless it has a thatched roof, and then it just goes where the...
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    Council tax constitute planning granted

    My experience, FWIW, with an old cottage that has always been "attached" to the main house is that possession of an individual address is entirely through the local postman and also the council electoral register officer. You just tell them what the address is and who lives there and it's done...
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    Dropped Kerb - is a gravel drive ok?

    The gravel supplier we used (in the open countryside, not urban) said it's important to get the right kind of gravel for the job. Avoid rounded stones - the best are about an inch across and a rough approximation to a cube as possible. They don't roll under the impact of car wheels, but slowly...
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    Removing A Load Bearing Wall: Question

    I have read that there were a lot of big country house fires when they first started using steel beams because of failure to take into account that steel conducts heat away from fire places so puts other spots at risk, whereas traditional wooden joists are poor conductors of heat.
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    Right for space for fence maintenance

    "legally they need to leave a 1m gap to allow for fence maintenance" Most terrace houses would have hardly any gardens left if the fences had to be a metre apart
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    PD: 2.5m height...from which point?

    So if you live on the slopes of a mountain the height restriction could be hundreds or thousands of feet, rather than the height at your back fence?
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    PD: 2.5m height...from which point?

    Does "adjacent" mean in all directions, or only sideways? However close "adjacent" means, does it stop at your boundary?
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    What's a 'window'?

    You can have a window in a door, you can have a window that is a door, you can have a door in a window. You can have an arrow slit in a castle that is neither a door nor a window. Before I converted it, our kitchen was the old dairy, and it didn't have any glazed windows, just holes with wooden...
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    EPC calculation algorithm. Anyone know what it is ?

    Become an assessor yourself, and then you will know! I'm sure you would not be allowed to assess your own properties, but you would learn the top secret wizardry that the experts use. :)
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    Joist Hanger selection for 6x2 Garden Building base?

    A couple of stout nails, partly pre-drilled to ensure they hammer in straight and don't split the wood.
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    Laying a pad in 2 stages

    We've got a big round plastic tank which holds 2500 litres. It just sits on the soil, no need for any concreting, just a bit of raking first to get it level and to remove any large stones. It's lasted about 15 years so far.
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    Demolished or repaired causes planning problem

    "Once you demolish the majority of a building in the eyes of planning it's effectively no longer there so it's replacement is subject to planning." But the majority of this building was not demolished, just the extension?
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    Planning permission for wood burning stove or DIY

    It appears to be because of the magic word "wood". Coke boilers were stoked up last thing at night and the damper closed, and they burned all night. We didn't have a night watchman when I was young. :)
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    Downpipe draining on to pavement

    Just about every shop in our high street has its downpipes discharging onto the pavement. The council does ocasionaly put in a shallow concrete trough to contain the water a little, and for people to trip over.
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    The Caravan Act, yeah right.

    " As you can’t get mortgages on mobile homes they either aren’t paying a mortgage, or the mortgage company is satisfied it’s actually a fully fledged timber framed house." I think that's because most are park homes so the owners don't own the land it's sitting on. This situation is apparently...
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    Log burning stove pipe regulations

    Won't it cause condensation and sooting in that section? I thought flues ought to be kept as hot as possible.
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    Usage when house unoccupied

    "not sure if this an old wifes tail, but we keep the freezer as full as possible - often just with bread - as an empty freezer apparently uses more power" I've always assumed that that means if the freezer is opened and shut in ordinary useage then each time a load of cold air spills out and...
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    Noise disturbance from a new Dormer

    Can you plant a tree in front of it to deaden the noise? Or there are I think negative noise devices, which you tune in to a particular frequency and cancel out the sound.
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    Recommend me a wheelbarrow - 2 wheels or 1?

    Anything that doesn't have a galvanised tub and chassis will not last that long. Most wheelbarrows rot in my experience just in front of the wheel, partly because they invariable are stored with the handles pointing upwards, so water collects inside, and partly because of careless tipping on...