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    Converting to a combi - how likely are leaks?

    Normally it's fine. If a rad fails it was going to fail very soon anyway. Better to fail whole there's a plumber about. More Important is the system being flushed very very well. Avoid quotes from people who don't discuss the system being flushed and it taking a good amount of time.
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    Channelling wall for 32mm waste pipe

    Personally I'd have put the pipe in the wall if you really wanted that way. Those chrome exposed traps are pants tho.
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    What's involved in an unvented system service?

    Off the top of my head ....... check pressure reducing valve pressure, check air gap or expansion charge, test safety valves work and reseat, check discharge pipework is safe and visible, check operation of controls, check temp of hot water, check flow rates etc... Can take a while to test...
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    Screwfix & titan power tools (orbital sander in this case)

    phone customer care line and complain. they will sort it. all of screwfix's own brands like b and q's have no parts and service. they are mass produced in china for cheap, once sold out they either reorder or change to another product. they dont buy spares, they dont have repairs service, its...
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    Passiontec Co Uk

    brought a drill from them, sent quick from germany. shame it was the wrong drill, worth alot less money. they wanted me to ship it back at my own expense and i refused. They refused to forward me the money and also wanted me to send it unrecorded/ insured for cheapness promising to pay me my...
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    Tiler who won't silicone?

    Why not get a quote from a mastic man, deduct the cost of the Labour for tiling and plumbing. If you do it yourself then you get the extra money.
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    First fix and UFH

    Better to get design drawings for both and avoid each others pipe routes
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    Is this length of vent ducting feasible?

    Yes, mine works really well. Will last 20years
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    How common were single pipe CH systems in the 1960's?

    Single pipe systems are popular today in non domestic systems. They work ok in houses even with a modern boiler attached if balanced well
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    Flow direction indicator on a soil pipe bend

    Brown underground pipe is not UV resistant. About ground is fine under.
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    Greenstar Junior with no thermostat wiring help

    No replace or remove. Fyi you really need to be gas Safe registered to remove your boilers case because its seals are important to keep fumes out of room.
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    Is this length of vent ducting feasible?

    An industrial/ AC inline fan would be fine, get one with speed control. Look at hydroponics shops as they are used alot by growers.
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    Gas Piping in Ceiling Void

    if you have a ceiling void below a concreate floor it will cost a fair bit to create a ventilated duct for pipework to run in, get a flooring contractor to remove and refit flooring. if its a timber constructed floor above your ceiling then you cant put a gas pipe in it.
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    boiler warranty

    sometimes if a customer explains the fault and its obviously not an installer issue i will call the manufacturer out for them and not attend.
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    Ideal Logic Heat 15 standard condensing not a combi - Intermittent F2 / L2

    haha, yes the old safety check. Went to a logic that had been serviced for 3 years in a row by a so called service engineer, i took case off and spotted daylight / a hole in the case where a grommet was missing. not a good safety check if you cant even visually check the boiler is safe to use...
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    Toilet Pan on the move

    get a fitter with a thermal image camera to check for heating circuit, if its in the way drill some holes into the tile only and fix pan down with strong concreate mix, half a bucket should do it.
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    Baxi duo tec combi 28he boiler making loud noise

    toilet float valve, hearing noise when you tek a leak at night.
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    Isolation Valves

    most iso valves are not rated for central heating temps so should not be used.
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    Ideal Logic Heat 15 standard condensing not a combi - Intermittent F2 / L2

    logics are a very good boiler, only issues i found is following so called engineers who service them without even opening the case, this is the same with all other boilers aswell.