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    Fibre optic b-band question.

    Guy's I'm changing over to fibre optic with the "go live" date as this Friday. The provider is Talk Talk who I'm already with. They have sent a new router which arrived today. My question is; I already have a pretty decent router (not the junk that TT originally supplied), so when I go live...
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    Fridge / Freezer thermostats - don't get ripped off!

    I've been in this trade for many years and noted something last week. My fridge thermostat (stat) packed in. Out of interest I googled a replacement, which were coming in at anything up to £40 +, with delivery on top. Yes, all business has a right to make a profit, but some sites just take the...
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    Happy New Year

    A bit in advance I suppose, but I'll be worse for wear tmrw night.... We've had our up's and downs, arguments, "banter" - but hey!, it is what it is. Happy New Year to you all. Let's hope it's a good one.
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    Biasi Riva HE - Flow temp issue?

    Hi guy's, I'll try to explain this as best possible. Installed in 2009 and never an issue with it other than the aav had to be replaced about a year ago. Anyway, the issue is with the flow temp to the rads. In the colder weather we've always used a flow of around 70c, as we know that the rad in...
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    Biasi Riva HE - Leaking?

    Hi guys, For the last three days, I've come down in the morning to water underneath the boiler. I've bled all the rads, checked for leaks and topped the boiler back to 1.3 bar (cold) as per the manual. The system works perfectly all day and evening, and runs around 1.8 bar when the...
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    Flueless gas fires (Again!)

    Guys, Thought I'd just start my own thread on this rather than tag on to an old one! Why do I want one? ..Well, in the winter our living room is always a tad nippy. The layout of the room / house is such that having an extra rad fitted is just not practical. I don't want an electric...
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    Indesit WIL143S - stays on rinse cycle

    Hi all, As in the title, the machine runs through the wash cycle fine, but when it gets to the rinse cycle, it will just stay on that cycle forever! If I then turn the r/h dial to spin, the pump goes and the drum just turns slowly, then stops, slowly then stops - never gets up to full...
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    New boiler / system query

    Hi Guys, Firstly, may I wish you all a very happy new year! I just want to pick your brains if you don't mind. 1. My trusty old flamingo 20/30 is deceased! I think the 20/30 stood for btu's - is that correct? If that's the case, then it's about 8.8kw. Most of the smaller combi's seem to...
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    Shed base

    Hi Guys, I wonder if you can help. A client is about to purchase a 12ft x 10ft metal shed and they want me to make the concrete base. 1. how deep should it be 2. i assume i need to lay it on a dpm 3. what mix of sand/cement/hardcore should i use 4. how do i calculate the amounts...
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    Potterton Flamingo 20/30

    Hi Guys, The old girl is about 25 years old now and I know it's time to get it changed. However, I don't want to do it until January for various reasons. It's recently developed a problem, but I'd like to keep it going until Jan. Basically it seems the heat exchanger gasket has gone. If...
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    Gas supply size help

    Hi Guys, My nieghbour has a Potterton Flamingo 20-30, which is now getting a bit old. She's had a heating engineer to obtain a quote. She is unsure whether to have it changed for a modern equivalent, or go the route of a combi. In any event, she's been told that the gas supply will need...
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    combi system re-pressurisation

    Hello guys, Just out of interest, is there any kind of rule as to how many times a combi system can be re-filled b4 the expansion vessel requires re-pressurising? Or, are there any faults in particular that cause the need for a re-pressurisation? Cheers G.
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    "Possible" radiator problem

    Hello Guys, Your help would be very much appreciated on the following... A couple of years ago, one of my rads nearly came off the wall due to bad fixings. It was easy enough to repair, I just drained the rad, re-made the fixings and replaced the rad. It was easy because I have a simple...