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    Soft Close Toilet Seat

    We have a AQUIS MILANO/CASINA SOFT CLOSE SEAT CHROME toilet seat, the top part of the seat is no longer soft closing. any ideas how to tighten the thing up so it soft closes again? I've tried the screws on the pictures attached but they seem to tighten the bottom of the seat not the top...
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    Halogen Light Bulbs + Loft Insulation

    We moved into a new house 12 months or so ago. The spare bedroom has 4 x halogen light bulbs in the ceiling. The loft insulation covered the bulbs and transformers which seemed like a fire hazard to me (and wasnt noticed during the survery for some reason). I've moved the loft...
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    Advice Please - Frozen Pipe

    We had a frozen pipe yesterday from the stop cock to the boiler. Discovered that we had pipes in the kitchen roof void that were uninsulated. Cold water was flowing direct from the stop cock but hot water and any cold water flowing through the roof were affected. We turned the...
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    Flat Roof - REpair / Replace

    Can anyone recommend any companies that repair / replace flat roofs. Have notice that our flat roof is leaking along the flashing. Many thanks.
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    Verticle Flue

    Hi, weve recently moved into a new house. At somepoint the boiler has been moved from the kitchen to the garage. When moved the old flue has been left connected but as far as i can tell not capped (it's connected to an old storage cupboard). With the torrential rain i have noticed...
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    Any ideas what this?

    We're refurbing out kitchen (which is almost done). Have taken up the laminate floor, underneath is a green paper like underlay, underneath that a polythene cover which has been glued down by the looks of it. Part of the polythene seem a little damp underneath, the glue is still sticky...
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    Telephone Socket - Blanking Plate

    We have had new kitchen fitted, the fridge is now going to rest again the wall where a current BT (which we do use) phone socket is located. We need to recess the socket back to the wall, are there blanking sockets available (the width is 6.5cm). We have plenty of other BT socket so...
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    Light Switch Question

    our hall light flickers very ocassionally when turning on the bathroom light (the hallway light being on at the time), this is also happening occasionally when turning on the loft strip light that is installed. all three switches are within a few meters of each other. is there anything...
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    Sky Multi Room

    The old occupants of our current house had Sky multiroom. The Sky cables are running from the dish, through the loft to a socket in the bedroom that looks like this any idea what cable i need to connect to a sky...
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    Surround Sound System

    We've recently moved into a new house. Apparently there are already surround sound cables installed as well as two additional speaker connected from the living room to the spare room. Can't make heads nor tales of the setup, has anyone got any ideas? (see pictures attached).
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    Asbestos Flue

    We're trying to move into a new house in the Halesowen area. We've had a survey of the new property. One of the issues raised is that the central heating system needs to be replaced. This isn't an issue as we could see this from our viewings. However subsequent to this the flue pipe...
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    Removal Of A Non Supporting Wall

    About 10 years ago a builder removed a non supporting wall from our old 30's semi. At the time the builder claimed , that as the wall was non supporting, that planning permision was not required. We've now come to sell the house but are being asked for proof of planning permission...
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    We're buying a house. We're in the survey stage at the moment and the survey highlighted an inadequate number of airbricks in the property. Any idea who we can get to install airbricks, is it any type of builders or something more specific?
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    Conservatory / Porch - Recommendations

    Hi, has anyone here used any companies within the Birmingham area to fit a conservatory / porch that they would recommend. i'm after a few quotes but want to try to stick to companies that are recognised. Thanks in advanced.
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    Garden Gate - 2.5 by 6

    Hi, I need a new garden gate. Have tried B&Q, Wickes etc but they only stock gates that are 3 feet wide. Our gate needs to be 2.5 feet wide. Does anyone know of any stockists within the Birmingham area? Have tried searching on the internet but am struggling to find anyone. Thanks.
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    Bay Window - Tiles

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section. We have a 30's semi detached. The front of the house has two bay windows and a tiled section between the two. The tiles are fine but one or two have "slipped" a few centi-metres. Any idea the best way to secure these? I've attached a...
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    Recently Installed Guttering

    Hi, we recently had our old guttering replaced with new UPVC guttering and fascia. The company who installed it cut one of the pieces short which led to the corner of the guttering leaking. The company said that they would come and sort out the problem. They never did andf the owner is...