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    Wall Light Removal & Wiring Query

    Did this this afternoon. Cables were fed through a stud which meant a bit of faff feeding them back through and above in the cavity. Otherwise all fine.
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    Wall Light Removal & Wiring Query

    The wall light doesn’t trigger the extractor fan at all, that’s done by a pull-cord ceiling light. The wall light has it’s own mini pull-cord which just turns its bulb on or off (shaving socket built in on right too). There’s at least 4 or 5 separate sets of cabling in grey casing coming into...
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    Wall Light Removal & Wiring Query

    There is, yes (triggered by ceiling light and turns off with timer, no separate breaker switch).
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    Wall Light Removal & Wiring Query

    Removing an old wall light in a downstairs toilet and and want to make wiring safe in terminal block, dry wall back box and blanking plate. The light has it's own small pull cord to power, as well as a 2-pin shaving socket. The wiring is crowded. It's presumably on a ring so I can pair off the...
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  8. Wall Light Fixture

    Wall Light Fixture