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    Bond Loc Solvent pipe cement

    Hi Guys I'm posting here to check to see if anybody has used Toolstation Bond Loc pipe cement and has had an adverse reaction when it comes in contact with your Skin? Bond Loc recently brought out a new formula pipe cement which doesn't smell anything like any conventional pipe cement I...
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    Geberit WC Frame

    ...Installed with a Utopia Wall mounted WC. WC drains pretty slowly, bowl fills up half way then drains. The distance from soil stack to Pan is about 1500mm, pipe is straight but has a slight offset in it created by a flexible pan connector then straight onto the WC frame elbow. It's...
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    Pressed steel bath

    What's the best way to drill a Pressed steel bath? I have a standard Bette bath that needs a hole cutting out for a single lever tap.
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    'don't use the stuff from the sheds' often said to DIYers that are tackling a tiling project. I have said it myself too, many times. Wha tdid I notice in B+Q the other day?? Mapei single part and rapidset flexible adhesive, fairly expensive (about £25 for 20kg bag) but at least we know it's good stuff.
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    I wasn't sure where to post this as there is no Bathroom section on this Forum .....ahem......anyway......I'm looking for an Apprentice, must have a full driving license and common sense- that's about it. Someone who can work alongside me designing and Installing a complete Bathroom from...
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    They have now brought out a new product which to be honest is the same as Marmox and Wedi board. I really like these boards but very rarely see them available locally. Not too sure on the colour thought. :lol: Still a good product, board can be fixed to the wall, then Kerdi band +...
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    Bathroom Lighting

    Does anyone here know of any new trends in bathroom lighting. Virtually every single customer I do a Quote for simply want boring old spotlights and a Showerlight which IMO now looks very dated and actually the quality of these are very poor What new products are out there now? what products...
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    Colours to match pink wall tile

    Not necessarily the right forum but..... I have some pink mosaic wall tiles to fit, just don't know what colour to do the floor in, any idea?? What goes well with Pink?? Mosaics:-
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    Topps Approved Fitter

    Is anyone on here approved by them????
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    What can DIYnot offer the Tradesman?

    Good Morning. I have been browsing these forums a lot lately and noticed there is a phenomenal amount of knowledgeable guys on this Forum, myself included (I hope) :wink: The Tradesmen on here offer excellent advice but I'm keen to know; do you get anything in return? any job offers etc...
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    Avatar Petition

    This Forum looks incredibly lifeless without any real splashes of colour whatsoever. If you are in favour of Avatars being brought in, say 'I' *************** .....Or even use the Poll to vote for your Choice, Site Admin have contacted me via PM and assured me that if we reach 1000 in...
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    Why on earth does it seem like every single forum member is from hampshire???
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    Does anyone know a good supplier of mosaic tiles (not nat. stone) I want Bisazza quaity and ranges but not their prices
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    Long waste run

    An En suite shower Room (no WC) that I inherited had the waste pipe for the shower and Basin notched into the joists, going totally against Regs and weakening them beyond belief. I propose to take this pipe out and strengthen these joists with steel and look for a new route for my waste pipe...
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    Drilling RSJ

    I have an RSJ that needs to be drilled so that a pipe can pass through it, hole size 65mm. RSJ is an 'I' shape 185mm height, 100mm width and the span is 4.7 metres. The proposed drilling posiition is within 0.5 metres of the start of the span , against the wall where it rest on the stone...
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    Other Forums

    I have noticed there are a few familiar names from other Forums on here, which forums do you all visit and what are your names on there? I have always found it to be a little deceitful to have different names on different trade related forums so have stuck with the same name on here as I use...
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    Wet room Waste

    Good afternoon. I wasn't sure whether or not to post this in the Tiling or Plumbing Forum as there is no bathroom section on this site....ahem :wink: ......anyway; I have never fitted a wet room without some kind of former. I am interested in doing an unusually shaped wet room whereby no...
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    Bathroom Section

    Just been looking for it, can't find it anywhere?? Have I missed it?