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    Fire at home and more smoke alarms

    Good evening, we had a fire in a bedroom in our house last night which was only just put out with 4 extinguishers( 2kg co2, 6l foam which failed, 9l water and a 9kg powder) . The fire started in a bedroom from a Dehumidifier, the door was closed so the maines wired smoke in the landing took a...
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    Pv Solar diy install for off-grid system

    Hey, is this the correct page to ask about DIY solar Pv systems? Mostly using Victron equipment?
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    Timber prices

    Hi all, does anyone know what timber prices are like atm. Are they going up again or down?
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    Zero mobile signal and Antenna

    Hey, we live in a very rural part of Herefordshire down a valley which has zero mobile signal. If i go up above the roof of my tractor shed by 1 meter which is above the house, I get 2-3 bars of Vodafone signal. I have a Poynting A-XPOL-0001 Antennas which could be fixed to a pole on said shed...
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    2009 Countax C800H 4x4 Deck lift problems.

    Hello there, I have recently purchased a Countax C800H 4x4 mower with known issues. The main problem Is that the electric deck lift is broken. I have checked the lifting ram by applying 12v to the correct pins in the plug and can get it to lift and lower by changing polarity. Have just fitted...
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    New outbuilding on existing previous building foundations

    Right, here goes it. Purchased our rural property 18 years ago. It was derelict at the time. It came with a garden of 3/4 acre and 2.5 acres of Agricultural land. In the garden land was a 20 x 30 ft barn made of curved roofing and brick walls . We removed it but left the foundations of said...
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    Texecom Premier Elite sound

    I think it was the fact that my internal sounder is loud which made it sound like the external bell was making the same sound. When the blasters are active I'd not have heard any of this. Thankyou so much for all the comments.
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    Texecom Premier Elite sound

    Hey Have a Premier Elite 24, upgraded by a nice chap on here. Just did a full alarm and then cancel. It made the noise like a master blaster shutting down on both internal sounders and bell. Had the actual ones turned off. Was this an option! Sounded great. My Master blasters were off so as to...
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    Permitted Development on rural sloping land

    Hello there, we have a smallholding in the country. The domestic land around the house is 1 acre and the Agricultural land is 2.5 Acres. All of the land is steeply sloping. Over the past 20 years of ownership have built several outbuildings in the garden part. All needing digging the land...
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    Texecom premier Elite PS fault

    Many thanks for your help so far. How do you program off the battery test on a Premier Elite? How would I go about getting this unit upgraded to 5.04.01 via you?
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    Texecom premier Elite PS fault

    Not quite sure what you mean by menu 4? Battery voltage is showing 13.6 on the keypad and voltage at the circuit board from the psu is showing 13.8 on volt meter.
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    Texecom premier Elite PS fault

    Good evening, I have a Texecom premier Elite 24 alarm system. Recently I had the firmware updated so as to fit a smartcom to it. It is now all fitted and communicating to my wifi and can use the app on my mobile to arm and disarm it. The problem I have is that upon disarming the system either...
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    LED Floodlight Woes

    Hi people, I changed all of our outside Halogen Floodlights to LED many years ago thinking it would be cheaper and not require yearly bulb changes. I was wrong! All purchased from Screwfix at a cost of around £30 a time. They all lasted a year or 2 before they gave up. Thankfully Screwfix...
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    Purchase of a new property with part mortgage

    We have a budget of £600000 plus my brother would borrow £200000 on top. So its a quarter not a third.
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    Purchase of a new property with part mortgage

    The amount borrowed would be £200000
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    Purchase of a new property with part mortgage

    Hello there, this is a bit of a difficult question. Basically I live with my parents on a smallholding of which they are the owners. In the near future we are looking at selling this place and buying a farm in wales. My brother who owns a house in town is selling up and going to come live with...
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    Permitted Development on our cottage

    Hello there, we have a Rural cottage in the country, have doubled its size through rear extensions with full planning permision 12 years ago. What permitted extensions can we do now after said rear extension. Have we lost all permitted rights now?
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    Permitted Development in a rural area

    Hello there, we have a smallholding of near 4 acres. The garden is just shy of an acre. We are looking at building a carport on an existing site which was a pre-fab garage. the area involved would be to the rear of our property near to an unclassified country road. The new building would be 3...
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    Workshop alarm

    Hello there, I've recently had a 30ft X 20ft wooden workshop built on our land. it is lined internally with 3/4 inch osb board on all vertical walls and has an unduline roof lined with 1/2 osb board. The roof has 4 clear plastic corigated roof lights. I would like to install some kind of alarm...