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    Platform for painting

    Ah, I see. I somehow doubt it would pass current safety at work standards though... The lip you have added round two edges serves no use at all, does it? It certainly won't prevent the ladder coming off.
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    Varnish Gloss Disaster

    How many coats have you applied?
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    Platform for painting

    It seems like a lot of effort for not much can't reach much higher with that than if you stood on the stairs themselves.
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    Colour matching.

    Chartwell Green: BS 14 C 35 It's a standard RAL colour. Not sure if you can get emulsion paint in it, though.
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    Some advice please...

    I agree. Then charge the grubby-handed tradesman/men for the cost of repainting if needed.
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    Which Gloss paint for masonry sills?

    Why do you want a gloss finish on sandstone? Oilbased eggshell is much subtler. Gloss should be restricted to wood in really good, smooth condition - anything else tends to look tacky. Best o/b eggshell (and undercoat to go with it) is Little Greeene's Traditional Oil Eggshell, btw.
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    Simple advice

    The word you need is 'complement', btw. However, I maintain that the colour schemes in both your photos are aesthetically unpleasing. A little bit of lime green or lemon yellow goes a long way. A lot of either has a bilious effect. The green in the bedroom photo looks terrible with that coffee...
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    Some advice please...

    If the grubby marks are just dust, then yes. If they are greasy, probably not.
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    Varnish Gloss Disaster

    I am losing the will to live over this one... Just sand the thing down and apply several coats of Ronseal matt finish stain and varnish in the colour you want (as long as it is darker than the original colour).
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    Can these doors be painted?

    i think you mean eggshell.
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    Simple advice

    I hope this is a joke. Those combinations sound appalling.
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    Varnish Gloss Disaster

    Waterbased varnishes are thinner and may well show brush marks more than spirit-based. You could put it on with a soft lint-free rag.
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    Varnish Gloss Disaster

    The colour is immaterial. What matters is whether it was a water-based or spirit-based product. Which was it?
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    Painting Clay Chimenea/Chiminea

    Just light it, gather round the thing with some friends and some wine and have a good time. Life is too short to be painting chimineas. Seriously!
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    Beading and Gap

    If the gap is more than about half an inch deep it would be best to build the filler up in layers. It will dry more quickly and there's less risk of it shrinking/cracking.
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    Varnish Gloss Disaster

    What make of varnish (brand and type, e.g. waterbased) did you use and what kind of brush (bristle/synthetic)?
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    Varnish Gloss Disaster

    Sorry to hear about your disaster. To be honest, I wouldn't put a high gloss on a threshold - it gets such a hammering with people walking over it that a matt or semi-matt polyurethane might look and function better. Once you've got the first lot off, think about applying some Ronseal or...
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    Get away with lining this?

    The Premium is not bad paper and certainly better than bog standard lining paper (which lives up to this description, in some cases). It's got quite a silky finish. But the 180 is tougher and thicker and looks nice painted IMHO.
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    Painted door looks messy

    A foam roller is best to put the paint on with, then lay it off with your Purdy synthetic brush.