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    need a jetwasher!

    Craig,,Building%20Products/92,Landscaping%20Products/2 is the url to use to find the Moss Away product set on the Internet. Have fun...
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    need a jetwasher!

    Jet washing of roofs is not the best thing to do. In fact it can cause extensive damage and there is a much better product than any of those mentioned so far in this thread. Moss Away from Everbuild available in sachets or 5 litre containers from many hardware stores and garden centres and...
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    Treatment for cut end of pressure treated decking

    I realise the original post is old, but... people are still putting up decking and renewing old garden structures so a correct response is still relevant: Take it from one who makes garden furniture that: The best treatments are: Ensele end grain treatment (as of the date of posting...