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    Sliding mitre saw

    I've also got the rage. Its an excellent bit of kit for the money, and cuts metal as well. Kev
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    Fixing into flint walls

    You could try a diamond tile cutting bit.... Not sure what else would work. Have you googled specialist drill bits for stone? Good luck with it.
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    Cooker tripping RCD

    Hi Eric, I know of a way.... I'm guessing that there isn't a reason why the cooker should be on the protected side anyway. So I'd rather just stick it onto the non protected side.
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    Cooker tripping RCD

    Hi, I've searched past threads and not found a similar situation so I thought I'd post this one and see what comes up. We have a double oven, which works fine when using the top oven and grill. When you turn on the bottom oven it works fine for a while but then trips the rcd after a...
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    aquarium control uni

    Take a look over on You should get some good advice on there. I'm kev s
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    spur of a spur of a spur.........of...spur.....and so on

    Thanks, I've tried this in the past with clients who have needed sparks in. I often work in different areas so don't have connections with sparks and end up phoning the niceic reg ones in the yellow pages. I'm not yet seen a sparks test and inspect an install to the regs... I did the 2381...
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    spur of a spur of a spur.........of...spur.....and so on

    Thanks for the reply, I know it was originally wired as a ring, and has had additions. The wiring in the CU is very very tidy, so I'm assuming the original installer (probably 20 years ago) did a good job. Downrating the mcb's can only improve safety so surely is worth looking at as a...
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    Ratchet Crimpers

    They all seemed to cost £20 when I got mine, but I ended up with a set from screwfix that came with a starter pack of crimps. Its pretty good apart from the ratchet disengage lever is bloody hard to use when the ratchet is half down, so I just make sure its set up right before I bite down...
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    spur of a spur of a spur.........of...spur.....and so on

    I've been asked to replace a fused spur, and on inspection the double socket the fuse spur is fed from only has a single incoming cable, this socket also feeds some other retrofitted double sockets. The mcb is 32 amps and has 2 cables feeding it. I've refused to change the fused spur, because...
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    Three wildly differrent quotes for laying travertine tiles..

    If you call any of the adhesive manufacturers they will all say that 6mm isn't enough. I remember when I called weber about a ply thickness question they suggested that it had to be over 10 mm or is too flexible. I'd always call a couple of the product manufacturers, they are very very...
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    Buying a new tester

    kewtech are the old robins, very good quality and reliablilty but not used that unit. If you google it there is acompany cuth..... that is pretty cheap on the range. Kev
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    Missing tag/seal on main fuse

    I wouldn't worry about it, we've had 4 edf chaps round in as many months and 2 replaced the seals and 2 didnt. At the moment we have no seals but 4 on the floor around the enclosure. Kev
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    surveyors and safety

    A friend has just bought a 3 bed semi for just under £300,000 and the surveyors report mentioned the porch roof and a few suspect tiles on the pitched roof where an old solar power system had been removed. That was all that was mentioned as needing further inspection. Once the deal had gone...
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    cutting stainless steel kitchen splashback

    I've cut one before with an angle grinder with a thin metal cutting blade. Kev
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    18v or 14.4v combi drills?

    Depends what your using it for, for me (i have a 12 and 18 dewalt and a 10.8 bosch) its all down to the weight, you dont want to be plasterboarding ceilings with an 18volt if you can do it with a lighter drill. The bosch 10.8 pocket driver is without doubt one of the best tools I've ever used...
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    Copper pipes vs plastic

    I think both have valid uses, plastic is cheaper and quicker in my opinion but isn't any good when the pipes are surface mounted. I think one of the problems with plastic is that the different manufacturers products aren't interchangable which is a bit of a pain but any 15 mm copper works...
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    copper pipes in bonding do they need covering?

    Hi I'm about to bond out a chased out wall where some 15mm copper pipes run before I tile over. Do I need to cover the pipes in the same way that I would if they were sitting in screed? Thanks, Kev
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    crabtree rccb nuisance tripping.

    Thanks for all the feedback, turns out the crabtree rccb was faulty, so it was swopped out for an 80 amp 30ms unit and this has resolved the problem. Kev
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    electrical earth to gas meter

    But surely they have a duty of care, they shouldn't leave the old bonding unconnected, if it creates a possible hazard. I'd suggest that bonding isn't a gas or electrical issue its a safety issue which is why corgi gas installers have to bond as well as sparks. A corgi installer can't...
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    crabtree rccb nuisance tripping.

    And there's no strange accessories, I've unplugged it all and the problem still occurs. Nothing on timers, no immersion, no underfloor heating, no external lights. Kev