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    Create an airing cupboard

    Hi I am thinking of creating an airing cupboard across the other side of the house. We have a standard gas boiler. I am planning on picking up on the feed and return hot water pipes and routing up into the loft across the house, down into the cupboard and back and connect to the return...
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    Tiling layout around cooker hood

    Hi I have a cooker hood that sits between two wall cabinets. These wall cabinets don't touch the hood (there is a bout a 2 inch gap either side) Do I tile up to the bottom of the hood (either side of the cabinets) or what? I could tile up to the bottom of the units to the top of...
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    Glass Splashback

    Thanks for that. I stuck a piece of wood next to the splashback and after12 hours I just peeled it off easy. I did it again and left it 24 hours and then is stuck fast. I was just too impatient - it seems to be okay. cheers
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    Glass Splashback

    Hi I have recently bought a black glass splashback and was advised to stick it to the wall using non-acetone silicone. I bought some water based silicone (black) and applied it all over the back and on the wall. I supported the splashback with a baton and left it overnight. The walls...
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    Cooker Hood - extraction point

    That will do it thanks I have order a rectangular 150mm vent kit with some extra 90 degree elbows. I can then extract it 18 inches lower. I will probably lose a little effeciency but not that much. The overall run is still less than 3 metres.
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    Cooker Hood - extraction point

    Cooking? I just eat the stuff. I wouldn't know the hot part of a saucepan! Trouble is the awning cost loads and I would not want to ruin it. I could vent to the side of the house but this is a 4 metre run and it comes out right on the flashing of the flat roof.
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    Cooker Hood - extraction point

    Hi I need to install a cooker and and I want to extract it outside. The problem is that the closest external wall would mean that the exit point would be directly under an awning (about 2 foot under). This is putting me off. I can't lower or higher the exit point easily. How much...
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    Lead Bay

    Sod it ! I am going to get a roofer in.
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    Lead Bay

    My english leaves a lot to be desired. I meant how do I fix the ply to the plastic UPVC top of the bay. I think the lead then just lays on the ply. I may clip the lead into the brickwork though At the moment it i not leaking but I know it is only a matter of time. The bay is 3 meters wide...
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    Lead Bay

    Hi I am planning on capping my plastic bay window with Code 4 Lead. Am I right in thinking I need to mount the lead on 18mm ply. If so how will I stick the ply and then the lead? Thanks p.s. any other tips on this job will help Thanks Again :shock:
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    Flat or pitched

    Gentlefolk I want to redo my flat roof (over a utility room). The trouble is I am in a quandry as to what to go for. There seems to be so many flat roof companies out there. The size of the utility room is 16'x8'. I am inclined to get a builder to convert this to a pitched room...
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    AAVs in my dad's bungalow

    Gentle people Last night my dad's AAV (in the loft) on the heating system broke and started leaking. We managed to get to it before the ceiling came down luckily. Can we replace the AAV (auto valves) with manual valves to stop this happening again? The system is run by a Concord WCF...
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    Patio Heaters - cable

    I am going to put it on a fused RCD protected 4mm cable I think. I am also dubious about cable outside - any recommendations?
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    Fish Smell in House

    We had this when we bought our new house. We were convinced it was the previous owner - hiding a kipper under the floorboards. It turned out to be the plastice light fitting.
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    Patio Heaters - cable

    GentleFolk I have just had 2 patio heaters installed (each running 1.4 kw). They have been wired each to a central weatherproof box (for the remote). From this box they have been run into the house (2 meters) with 1mm round flex. I metre is tacked to the wall and the other goes into the...
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    Lead Flat Roof - Urgent - Sorry!

    I have had a re-think - going for felt. It is tried and tested and can easily be repaired.
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    Awnings - any comments advice

    Hi I am about to order a 7x4 meter awning to be fixed to the rear of my property (west facing). I will be going for a german markilux built one. Has anybody got any comments or things I should be careful about. It is going to cost about 4 grand so I want to make sure I get the right one...
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    Lead Flat Roof - Urgent - Sorry!

    I need to replace my flat roof to my utility room. After considering all the options I have come to the conclusion that lead may be the best approach. I know all the other systems give many years guarantee but I really want a permanent solution. Apart from the risk of it being pinched...
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    Tanking & Battens

    Thanks for the reply The tiles are 600 x 300 - massive. Will this adhesice be ok. I seem to remember that cement must be used for tiles that big. Thx