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    Premia 9 Alarm box (manager mode)

    You can change the PIN code and have multiple PINs with different access rights but you need to know the engineer code. The System Manager Guide manual gives a default code but I dont want to post is on a website.
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    Premia 9 alarm

    Does anyone know how I can change a sensor from instantly triggering to being on a timed entry/exit route. I had my alarm switched off and the sensor at the front door now triggers as soon as I enter the house when the alarm is set. I have the user guide and system manager guide but it does...
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    Premia 9 Alarm Control

    I also have a Premia 9 alarm that shows the error code dF after I replaced the battery. This code is not shown in the User Guide or the System Manager Guide. Can anyone advise? I had an alarm engineer look at it and he told me that th 'dF' error was a data error that could mean a problem...