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    Serious Problem with my boiler installer

    Theres nothing fast about it. It's exactly the same boiler. I had my arguments with my builders in the begning of December. It's now the 15th January, and I'm still in exaclty the same position. As for pulling a fast one, I didn't aks for information on how to instal it did I? The boiler...
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    Serious Problem with my boiler installer

    very true, at the time, I had an argument with the builder over work that he had done that was not written on the initial quote. He wanted paid for work, that had never been mentioned. This lead to me paying for work that I had never asked for. Everything went hostile after that. I paid...
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    Serious Problem with my boiler installer

    Because at the time everything was fine. It wasn't until later when I asked for the certificates that they started acting funny, and stopped returning my calls. Needless to say, the only thing I can think of it to have the boiler re-installed, but after searching all morning for a gas...
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    Serious Problem with my boiler installer

    He moved the old one. I think it;s about 2-3 years old
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    Serious Problem with my boiler installer

    I don't have any paperwork. I was not at the property at the time of the installation, no paper work was left, and they would not have had the manual at the time either. The Boiler is a Sime Format DGT HE30
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    Serious Problem with my boiler installer

    About 4 months ago, I had an extension built. When i cam to have my boiler installed, my builder recommended a gas engineer, and had my boiler installed. On finishing the extension, I had an argument with my builder / bricklayer, as he wanted 3 times the amount on his quote. This lead to a...
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    Water based gloss or satinwood

    Personally I nearly lways paint when there are no carpets, so I often leave the doors on if I can. I'm not a prosfessonal painter, it gos without saying doors should be painted in a vertical direction. unless for some reason the grain is different. I rarely find this though. you can get...
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    refelt and battern and re-use slates

    it can be anything from £10 to £25 per sq meter.
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    Water based gloss or satinwood

    I personally have never used Satinwood and cannot comment on it. I presume you seen one of my posts, where it tok 3 re-paints to get some paint that didn't go yellow? I used Johnstones Aqua.. and still to this day it's still white. After a month or so. fortunately that is longer than any...
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    Laying laminate flooring direction

    Towrds the window. it catches the light better.
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    Leveling compound, wooden floor, gripper rods

    Yeah.. many old floors (and walls are not straight). as for leveling compound.. I have never heard of it being used this way. So i really don't know how to comment. Usually people would either add plywood boards down. that way you can still nail into it with carpt grippers. I means...
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    Wooden shed condensation

    no a DPC is completely useless. is there a lot of water on the shed base? other than that I would think theres a serious leak in the roof. or the shed has become damaged when you moved it. did you dismantel it when you moved it? if not then you may hav some cracks in the roof that you...
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    Garage floor

    100mm+ is more than enough. I personlly (with plenty of money). rip out the whole lot. install a strong DPC. then use some A252 reinforcement mesh, and concrete it to the desired height. then screed it. That will be the best way, but thats considerably more expensive than just...
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    Land drain ends in my garden - what to do?

    yeah. you can fill it with sand and cement or post mix. it doesn;t matter really.
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    BEKO DRVS62 Wattage when drying

    hmm.. lol. good uestion.. I don;t actually have an answer for that one! maybe the book is lying? :)
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    help with lean-to extension

    Wait until you see the price of 3 meter flues. It's not a good idea I think the regs state specifically that you shouldn't extend the flue unless you absolutley have to. It would be better to fit it into your roof. like this...
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    Dreaded damp patches on plaster... Any ideas?

    I think your damp proof course is gone mate. the old damp prrof course (DPC) will be made of oil like strip. like bitumen. I suspect that has worn through (as they do after about 60+ years) Theres a number of things you can do about it, but I have to admit I have never done it on stone...
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    Garage floor

    what do you want to do with it? - and more importantly, how much money do you want to spend? either screed it with latex screed, or rip up the whole lot, replace a new DPC and re-concrete it. it just depends on what you want?
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    Wall Cost

    It would be easier to get 3 quotes and go with the one who will not rip you off later. I could literally sit for 3 hours explaining all the costs of each phase.
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    Insulation boards

    lol, erm.. you don't insulate floors above the floor boards, you do it like this. and you're supposed to use 100mm thick boards.