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    DIY Bifold Fitting

    If I buy a bifold door online and fit it myself (or get a non FENSA builder to), can a BCO sign it off?
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    Rochdale Results

    Is Galloway terrified of woodpeckers? He always has that stupid hat on, even indoors.
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    Rochdale Results

    Is your brother out there now?
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    How can I lever up my shed to add bearers? (Ed.)

    Sack truck.
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    Guess what the number one job teens would like to do….

    And smaller, presumably?
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    Permitted Development Height Question

    In this guidance... ... Am I right to assume that, Where a Pent roofed shed is against the boundary The roof height at the boundary cannot exceed 2.5m (eaves? or total ht?) But the roof height at the front (if more than 2m from the boundary) can be 3m? Because THAT PART of the building is >2m...
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    Cables Between Sips Panels and Cladding

    I wouldn't touch it, since I am aware of that particular Welsh reg. It was more about whether the low needs in a garden room warranted a CU.
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    Cables Between Sips Panels and Cladding

    Afternoon All, Shortly going to do a sips garden room kit DIY, so been looking at lots of vids. On one, the cabling was fixed to the outer sheath of the sip, in amongst the battens; and clearly going to be covered up by the cladding. This appeals to me since it avoids surface mounting it...
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    6mm Aluminium Channel For Supporting Glass

    Yep, nice one. Cheers.
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    6mm Aluminium Channel For Supporting Glass

    Close, but no! I need the type you drill thru and surface fix- already tiled up. Ta
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    Web Whatsapp on a Macbook Air

    Ta for that. That's what I want to do, but it's not in the apps folder... The only link to the app is the shortcut in my Bookmarks. Head scratcher.
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    6mm Aluminium Channel For Supporting Glass

    I have to make up a fixed shower screen (made ones are too big) but I'm struggling to find chrome effect channel for the wall and bath edge. Does it have a name; and any idea where I can get it? Ta.
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    Web Whatsapp on a Macbook Air

    Luddites all round then lol!
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    Ladder help

    I have a couple of inconspicuously placed brass* eye bolts half way up the highest walls. I only have to go up once very carefully, secure the ladder, and it then feels much more 'fixed'. *Brass looking. Chose them because my house is painted render and I wanted to avoid rust stains.
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    Web Whatsapp on a Macbook Air

    I use mine a lot, cos it's a big screen and I can type faster than I thumb. Lately, it has been coming up when I open it, and then all the chats on that person's page disappear. (not from my phone though) Crazy thing is, whose stuff I can see and whose I can't seems random... Nothing seems to...
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    Are Reform capable of being the next government?

    They won't get enough seats.
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    Trump loses 20% of his net worth in a month

    Self pardoning is not a given... And if SCOTUS denies him blanket immunity, that adds to the 'unlikelihood' that he can self-pardon.
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    Good old tradition of racism

    It's an actual military 'thing'.The ones they didn't veto didn't get the nod 'cos our boys thought they were 'good guys'. They got the nod because they could be trusted to have the team's back in combat.
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    Trump loses 20% of his net worth in a month

    Only Federal crimes. Offences under states' jurisdiction cannot be pardoned by the president.