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    circuit card in boiler failed due to water ingress down back of boiler (baxi) which had apparently come from air intake side of flue. Plumber replaced card ok but could not explain why water had got down. Flue checked out ok. Boiler is upstairs and flue runs vertical through roof from boiler...
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    what vinyl?

    want to put down on kitchen floor a hard wearing vinyl. so many different types. Have a dog that bounds around a lot. Any recommendations?
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    baxi solo 3 pfl 70

    time to phone engineer! Thanks
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    baxi solo 3 pfl 70

    noticed that boiler (baxi solo 3 pfl 70) over the past couple of nights has been making a vibrating noise now and again. this morning I went to switch on and noise appeared again. boiler is in attic. went up to discover that boiler ignites, seems to vibrate a little and switches off then ignites...
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    glass tiles

    wife is looking at glass tiles for kitchen. can they be cut with tile cutter
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    boiler (pump constantly running)

    replacement pcb was faulty. managed to get it exchanged. all now working ok. many thanks to agile, gasright, kevindgas and twgas for your advice
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    boiler (pump constantly running)

    ithink that also but it is a replacement pcb and dont know what is causing it to **** up. Might have to get in touch with baxi £££££
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    boiler (pump constantly running)

    yes, connections are those in diagram
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    boiler (pump constantly running)

    time clock opens valves which then switch power to switched live of boiler. permanent live comes straight from spur unit which also powers time clock. these four conductors (switched live, permanent live, earth and neutral) all connect into pcb. pump connections live, neutral and earth also...
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    boiler (pump constantly running)

    after dropping power to boiler all is ok when power is switched back on. if relay on pcb was faulty surely pump would start up again on its own. definitely not zone valves pump is controlled through pcb which is controlled by valves which also bring on boiler there are 4 connections going to...
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    boiler (pump constantly running)

    I have just had my boiler moved to another part of the house. I noticed last week that pump was running but heating controls were off. To switch pump off I had to switch the electric supply to boiler off. Bought a new pcb and fitted it and seemed all ok. Noticed recently that fault has returned...
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    How do you remove old silicon. I have removed the bulk of it but there is still a slight film of the stuff on the surface
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    body jets

    I have ordered body jets for my shower but have never seen them fitted. I am assuming that they fit onto half inch female connector, Is this correct?
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    cavity wall insulation

    I am thinking of getting cavity wall insulation put in my brick built (1961) detached villa. Have been informed from friends that it causes dampness due to lack of air in cavity. Is this true?
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    paint removal?

    Tried dry scraping etc. but the plasterboard is getting damaged. Someone at my work suggested covering ceiling with pva as this might hold paint together. Will give it a go. Thanks for info.
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    paint removal?

    I have just finished stripping paper from ceiling. Some of the paint that originally covered the plasterboard has come off with the paper. The paint that is left on the ceiling does not look like it will stay there if I put paper back. Is there some method of removing paint without damaging...
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    have just had windows installed. the interior facings, ledges, ingles etc. have all been done in pvc. what should i use to clean the pvc with
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    toilet pan

    i am fitting a new toilet pan. The floor is tiled. Should I fix pan straight onto floor or should I bed it in with something?
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    Thanks for the info
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    about 15 years ago i had my windows replaced with aluminium double glazed frames as i was having trouble with condensation. This has not improved and i could not do anything about it as the salesman said he could not guarantee against condensation. If i were to replace them what would be the...