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    Help pressure release valve with electrical shut to pump

    hi folks bit of a strange one for you I have a friend who is running a small caravan boiler to heat water for a window cleaning system. The problem he has when he turns off the pull at the end of the pipe the pump has a sight over run that can on occasions cause the boiler to get over...
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    Pulling a spur off the ring main mcb at consumer unit

    Yep all protected on a 32amp mcd Many many thanks for your help and advice Jon
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    Pulling a spur off the ring main mcb at consumer unit

    hi folks I have been asked to put in an additional spur for a socket at a friends house. The only problem is there are not sockets near by to pull e spur off the ring and there are no free mcb' s to pull a new dedicated radial circuit off the consumer unit. The only option I have would be to...
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    Condensation issues in workshop

    hi I have a work shop that is built out of concrete blocks with insulation in the cavity and a flat roof the roof void has been filled with insulation. The whole workshop has been lined with 9mm laminated melimine boards. However I have started to suffer a problem with condensation on the...
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    Shower tray waste 50mm v 90mm

    hi folks bit of a strange question for you . I have a shower tray which I am going to fit it only has a 50mm waste v 90mm I have on other shower trays I have fitted. I know that the flow rate will be limited by the pipe work which I this case drops down to 40m. Then a 32 mm boss. My question...
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    Grohe mono tap pipe feeds

    I folks after a little advice. I have a grohe mono basin mixer tap. It currently has 2 10 mm chrome feed pipe coming out of the bottom of it. However I want to replace these with speed fit flexible pipe. I have tried unscrewing them and whilst they will turn they will not unscrew...
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    toilet waste flow up hill to stack

    Great idea but not quite that easy. Ok the boss has to sit on the floor to give me the drop from the shower. The pipe throughout the floor is a complete 110mm run so to fit a tee I would have to put in a slip connector which would mean having to chip out the floor and cut the pipe below...
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    toilet waste flow up hill to stack

    Hi thanks for the reply's folks i have to have the boss on the floor or as close to it as i can get it as it need to take the feed from the shower which which will brake through the wall at 50mm high and connect into the boss. I would prefer to not have to hack out the floor if at all...
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    toilet waste flow up hill to stack

    Hi folks back for some more advice please as i am a little stuck with this one. First i have the main stack that i have to break in to to fit the toilet with some sort of tee connector as the toilet is off set from the stack about 300mm i also need to have a boss tee as close to the as...
  10. toilet off set fittings

    toilet off set fittings

  11. boss fitting

    boss fitting

  12. toilet position

    toilet position

  13. toilet back

    toilet back

  14. stack tee

    stack tee

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    Push fix chrome radiator elbows

    Thanks for that just what I need to know. Cheers jon
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    Push fix chrome radiator elbows

    Hi folks I have a radiator which I need to take the feeds out below the radiator valves at 90 degrees into the wall behind the radiator. The radiator valves I have are 15mm compression fittings which I was going to brings down on a 50mm 15mm chrome pipe into a chrome compression elbow into...
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    Connectors blocks to reduce cable size for 12v lights

    No the connector in the transform where the cables connect into the unit is a micro connector which will take a maximum of a single 1.5mm cable so 2 x 1 mm cables will simple not fit.
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    Connectors blocks to reduce cable size for 12v lights

    Even if we used 1mm cable there would not be enough room inside the transformer connector to take 2 x 1mm cables so they will have to be jointed and reduced in some way.
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    Connectors blocks to reduce cable size for 12v lights

    Hi folks in the process of installing a set of 12v spot lights, each one has a transformer. Th connector for the cable will only take a single 1.5mm cable. Therefore to jump from one transformer to the next with the 240 ring the 2 cables making the loop need to drop down to a single cable as...
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    Sticking plasterboard to a catnic header

    hi tried that could not find anything. if you know where about it is and put up the link that would be great cheers jon