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  1. Elszeus

    Removing Brick Tiled Skirting Board

    Renovating a 1950s house, and behind the kitchen cabinets seems to be this Brick tiles skirting board. It looks to be dot and dabbed to the brick directly, so am I okay to remove it? I just dont need the skirting as its too high for the plinth of the new kitchen units.
  2. Elszeus

    Multiple layers of plasterboard?

    Hello, We have recently ripped the old kitchen out of our new house to find a big mess behind them. Will be removing tiles but am unsure about what to do about the uneven walls mostly down to multiple layers of different plasterboard. Do we need to remove the plasterboard back to the plaster and...
  3. Elszeus

    Should I suspicious of this wallpaper?

    Thanks guys, I'm not sure how old it is! If it's blown vinyl does that mean asbestos?
  4. Elszeus

    Should I suspicious of this wallpaper?

    What type of wallpaper is this, and should I suspect Asbestos in any of them?