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    The pope Whadda ya think??
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    make the most of today

    All them drill sergeants will be loving two!!
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    Beeb 4, don't get much better than this!!
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    Central Heating Leak?

    Floorboards upski methinks??
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    02 (MOBILES)

    Prob sorted ,went to the 02 shop today, seems there was a glitch with certain SIM card and all is sweet.
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    02 (MOBILES)

    LS9...York Road near Irish centre.
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    02 (MOBILES)

    Nowt flash, RF.....just a Nokia6303i
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    02 (MOBILES)

    Anybody got any issues with O2 service today, sim not registering, reception, network down, etc ??
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    Can't increase boiler pressure

    Whip out the domestic inlet filter and clean to achieve this should be in the installation guide left by your installer.
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    Gas supply to new hob

    Only bar my sides get tested against,Dan, is a public bar..........pretty damned good at propping 'em up :lol: :lol:
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    Gas supply to new hob

    Just read all this thread 'n it's better entertainment than what is currently available on T. V. Am in STEEEEEETCHEEES :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    What Plumbing /Heating Job do you not doing

    Unfortunately no qualifications are required for that job so its also one that anyone can do OH really !!! You never cease to amaze...............******
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    No drain cock

    Self Cutting D.O.C. :idea: .................Then remove on completion of work and "T" in a type A ,D.O.C. 8) 8)
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    Hi Stuart, i have a guy for your re-pointing if not already sorted......P M me back Keith.

    Hi Stuart, i have a guy for your re-pointing if not already sorted......P M me back Keith.
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    (TIP) For painted up screw heads heat up the end of a goosed driver to cherry red with a blowlamp, hey presto!!! ALWAYS brass slotted for W.C. pans.
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    just suppose

    Thought that was Def Leppard :shock:
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    Since installing the above i've lost copy&paste.........any tips please people :?: Much appreciated ta!!
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    Normal boiler noise

    Woah .....just asking,bit tetchy ain't ya? To answer ,this boiler should be pretty damned quiet , if you are not happy with it get intouch with the installer(idiot) and take it from there.
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    Normal boiler noise

    Have you asked the installer the same question :?: