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    Threshold Bars/Strips for thick Carpet and Underlay

    I am surprised this isn't more common/standard, every time we get carpet fitted (just normal 55oz wool twist, 11mm foam underlay) we ask for it and are usually met with a slightly odd expression. They do it, but think its odd. To me having a half inch valley under every door is odd, not to...
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    Lath and plaster lime ceiling repair - skim with gypsum?

    Thread update; we're now just over two years and no issues at all to date. Looks like new. Room above is our bedroom and en-suite and used daily. We have also added a pair of moulded plaster ceiling roses. Daniel
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    Old car phone

    Ooo, thats a new to me to. Fair enough!
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    Samsung 65in LED damaged

    Yeah, do some googling, find a TV repair guy. They still exist and are often quite reasonably priced. Hifi repair is another thing to search for.
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    DHutch about Megaflo Air Gap etc

    I didn't hyjack a thread, I ask for follow up on a 6month old thread as I had been linked to a past thread as was after some first hand information. My post stated it was an old thread and I was after following up info. I'm just trying to work out if this is a reputable brand that's so common...
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    DHutch about Megaflo Air Gap etc

    Cheers for the links very interesting to read up. And yes, as I thought then. Thanks.
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    DHutch about Megaflo Air Gap etc

    I get that adding a external expansion vessel to this tank doesn't solve to problem. But it is the alternative to having a internal baffle in the first place. Absolutely servicing wouldn't have prevented it. However if it's conditions of the warranty, as said, a lot of companies would use it to...
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    DHutch about Megaflo Air Gap etc

    What was the outcome of this, new cyclinder from Megaflo under warranty? Who paid installation costs? Anything can happen but it's a bit worrying if it's breaking up after 7years. Only asking as we're to replace an old 150l vented with a 200-250l unvented and plumber of choice has quote for a...
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    DHutch about Megaflo Air Gap etc

    Just reading up on this as we're due a new cylinder and have been quoted for a Megaflo. Might have missed it, but how old is your cylinder? Was it fitted by you or came with the house? Also, who needs to do the annual service? The above suggests if done correctly they would have covered the...
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    DHutch about Megaflo Air Gap etc

    Ahh, yes. Fair enough! Thanks for that obviously correction to my oversight. Ah right. Heard of more regular top-ups and that being put down to a stuck baffle, but that's the first mention of it breaking up. Where they earlier ones (what years) or currently production spec do we know at all...
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    DHutch about Megaflo Air Gap etc

    I can see the cons of having something which goes wrong, vs a external expansion vessel you can change. However I can also see the advantages of an internal system in terms of heat losses and insulation of the system, plus neatness. Which is why I'm trying to work out what the airgap is and...
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    DHutch about Megaflo Air Gap etc

    Huge thread recovery, however I am looking at either one of these cylinders or an alternative unvented tank. Pros: Well insulated so low losses, well known and proven, now have a life/30yr warranty. Cons: Larger size due to air gap, ability to service air gap. Presumably it is sealed for death...
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    Disguising damaged veneer on a bar table

    Fair enough. I guess you also want the two to match the rest. And nobody if going to be inspecting them to be perfect. In which case your to finding a bit of some brown that will stick on the lighter bits before sloshing the rest of the finish coat on.atbe even just colour match in some brown...
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    Water stains

    So yeah, any oil based paint but take 24h to dry, or a little tin of stain blocker that will dry in x hours. Daniel
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    Paint mixing cost?

    Who knows. Just seems really odd. I mean a RAL or BS paint colour doesn't drift with time! But if guess it's a different market, and it's basically not a problem for them. So they tweak the base and pigments with time to make improvements one way or the other, and people buy the paint based on...
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    Paint mixing cost?

    Very interesting. If odd that they claim to be able to remix but can't. Given you can get ant given BS/Ral paint code from a random manufacturer of choice and typically it's there or there about identical such that two ajoining panels look ok, if not good enough to patch one with the other.
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    Varnishing weathered timber

    I can vouch for the Sadolin, not what I would call a varnish, but is reasonably forgiving.
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    What to do with this mess before painting - see pic

    And if it's just a small area, rake out and or sand back anything loose/high and make good with your filler of choice.
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    Disguising damaged veneer on a bar table

    I can't see it looking good again with holes in the veneer without getting it re-veneered. Others may have other suggestions.