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    Funny bugs on my lime tree

    Hi Sorry only just seen the response as my email alert was to an old address. Thanks so much I will buy some bug spray asap Richard
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    Funny bugs on my lime tree

    chaps can someone have a look at the pictures and tell me what's gotten on my lime tree. The leaves are very sticky hopefully they will be clear enough to diagnose but if not I can take more TIA Richard##
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    VW Caddy indicators near side working only

    Chaps I have a 60 plate caddy maxi which only the near side indicators work. The offside wing indicator works normally but front and rear ones dont?. Same on hazard. The dash flashes rapidly like a lamp has failed. New lamps tried first btw. Any idea's on this as a fix? TIA Richard
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    3600 litres of warm water for baptistery?

    Swimming pool heat pump c/w solar panels to help running costs as a charity you should be able to get grants to assist.
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    joe90 & any other holocaust deniers

    Going all David Icke forum doesn't help your cause. IMHO Things like did the doors open inward? are of interest though tbf.
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    RoI rejects religion...

    Not commenting on the original topic but a lot of animals eat their young - by your definition because it happens in nature we should permit it.. It's classic strawman stuff
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    joe90 & any other holocaust deniers

    Any issue which does not allow any deviation from the official line on the threat of being jailed is deeply troubling to me at least.
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    Paul O'Grady

    Has he gone yet?: please please say yes!
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    New patio water run off advice needed :-)

    guy's we are in the process of designing a new patio to go with our new conservatory. Work starts next month attached is a picture of our plan but there is an issue which springs to mind namely drainage. As there side access gate is to be moved we want it to be ground level to outside...
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    pipe freezing kits

    crumbs that's poor value..big thanks btw
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    pipe freezing kits

    we are looking at buying a ROTHENBERGER ROFROST 64030 can anyone tell me how many 15mm pipes with would do before the cans run out. We have 6 pipes at room temp to cap off under 2 bar pressure. tia Richard
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    resin floor

    Chaps looking to replace our Altro lino with a poured resin floor. Has anyone experience of these with regard to cost and durability? TIA Richard
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    Is Islam a religion of peace?

    the problem with white appeasers is once the SHTF you make the working classes go to war on your behalf.. Cowards the lot of you.
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    What's me chances

    many thanks looks like the mrs has gone right off the idea anyway!
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    wooden floor layers newbury area

    Can anyone recommend a company to come and quote to lay 60 sqm of oak either solid or engineered (as per their recommendation) TIA Richard Newbury Berkshire
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    What's me chances

    not for the conservatory apparently
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    What's me chances

    Hi back in 2001 we completed a single story extension to a double adding a conservatory. Now we want to increase the conservatory. Do we need Planning for this?