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    Engineered flooring problem gaps between joints urgent advice needed!

    Badly fitted but you may be able to lever the end of the run of boards to close up the gap
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    URGENT HELP!! Flooring not quite level

    As above post. Get yourself either a bolster and lump hammer (very slow going lol) or get down to screwfix and get the titan drill for £60 ( ) it can be used as a breaker with the roto stop feature. chisel...
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    Supplying a man Cave

    Hi Yourself
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    Velux Window Fitting Question

    Do you mean your are 3.3m over the size on the plans or 3.3m in overall width of the extension I'm assuming its the extension width
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    kitchen standard oven housing

    What height is the tall unit? What gaps have you got for the oven and the microwave? and what size door have they said for above the Microwave.
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    Estimate Cost of removing thick wall.

    Yes this way the builder and yourself are singing from the same hymn sheet and you know what is getting discussed
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    door/architrave/skirting board

    My price would have been around the £250 mark with you supplying the materials and my making good any minor damage
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    Warranty issue

    Start an ebay dispute and get your money back then actually go somewhere you can see and touch the finished product before buying
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    Unreasonable porch costs?

    No You really are giving out that impression well at least to me you are and my neck is just fine where its at Ta
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    house foundation

    AAhhhh..... I see you've met my ex wife then
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    Fitting escutcheons - I'm having a nightmare

    Needs a small electricians screwdriver and a quick flick LOL
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    Unreasonable porch costs?

    Actually I can You are giving the impression that it should only cost a grand and the op is getting shafted If that's all your porch cost you then well done and congratulations but at least post pics up of it so the op can decide if his could cost around the same or not if he was to go the DIY...
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    Concrete kitchen worksurfaces

    Self levelling will not work. You need to do a search on U Tube and see how to get a good finish on Concrete . Its not hard just time consuming and mind numbingly boring
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    reduce depth of a window sill board (part 2)

    If its only 20mm a good sharp plane would easily do that job and by the time you've shaped and sandpapered it your only talking 30mins It would probably take you longer than that to rig up the dust sheets set up the router and a possible jig then do the work and clean the mess up.
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    Kitchen unit thats about 1.5m high?

    first example from a quick google search
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    Kichen and Bathroom DISASTER

    Take him to small claims court and get some of your money back. The boxes where the Kitchen came from does it say who supplied it . (Howdens , B&Q ,Wickes, Magnet etc. etc.). Approach trading standards as well. Report the Plumber to gas safe. a bit of a long shot but You could also try getting...
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    Kichen and Bathroom DISASTER

    Post some pics and show us just how bad a job has been done
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    Door frame fitted wrong way - Please advise on how to resolve

    By far the quickest and easiest way is to pop your architraves off and remove and refit door frame then refit the architraves. Fitting another frame inside the existing frame can be done but its a pain in the ass to do so and can restrict moving furniture about. You will need a wider...
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    Who you gonna call?

    The bounce can be down to several things Ranging from undersized Joists to rotten timbers at the walls. Without lifting some of the floor boards and actually having a look its impossible to say 100% what the trouble is. A good builder will do all this for you but if your happy enough you can...